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When it comes to chimney sweeping services, we know you have questions! We want to be the ones to inform you on all things Chimney Sweeping Pawleys Island services! We want you to be well informed about chimney sweeping so you can make the educated decision on whether it’s time for your yearly sweeping! There are many reasons to get your chimney swept and many problems that may occur if you neglect to do so. We will go over all of these in this article to ensure that you were educated as possible about chimney sweeping. If you would rather speak to someone over the phone you can reach us at 843-212-0794 or you can visit our wonderful website at and request a service if you are ready to do so.

What are the risks involved with not getting a chimney sweeping Pawleys Island service?

There are three main risks of neglecting to get a chimney sweeping service done including a fire hazard, a carbon monoxide and smoke hazard, and the possibility of a chimney collapse. These three things can be extremely dangerous if they occur in your home and we want to do our best to ensure that that is not the case for you.

Creosote will build up the more your chimney is used and is highly flammable so it should be cleaned as often as possible. Over time the fires that you burn will also slowly cause damage to your chimneys lining and even the smallest amount of creosote can be enough to start a fire. No matter what kind of frogs that you are burning in your fireplace you should always prioritize regular chimney sweeping Pawleys Island services.

Another big risk is carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke infiltration. Carbon monoxide is odorless, invisible and tasteless so it can be quite difficult to determine when its levels are too high. luckily you were always able to tell when smoke is infiltrating your home however that does not make it any safer to breathe in as it is more difficult to inhale and very unsafe as well. Things like creosote Twigs dirt and other debris will build up in the chimney and hinder its ability to properly release the toxins and smoke from the fire. This means that all of this will build up and then be released back into your home. Hopefully this will start off your carbon monoxide or smoke detector but that only will happen if they are placed in the correct positions. your smoke detector should be on your ceiling and your carbon monoxide detector should be closer to the floor. Smoke Rises and carbon monoxide is denser than air so it sinks.

Lastly if a fire occurs or there is so much buildup that a professional is unable to acknowledge a problem there’s a possibility of your chimney collapsing. This can cause partial home collapse or even your entire home to collapse depending on the state of your home.

How Often Should You Get A Chimney Sweeping Pawleys Island Service?

We recommend getting a chimney sweeping service done at least once a year on your home before burning your Fires for the season. Your chimney and fire please work hard to guarantee that you and your loved ones will have a reliable source of heat throughout the winter time. because of how hard it has to work it often requires more upkeep than other forms of heating. A regular chimney sweeping Pawleys Island service will not only help increase the efficiency of your chimney but also better guarantee that it’s operating as safely as possible! That being said, it is very important to get a chimney sweeping service done at least once a year for the safety of you and your family.

How Is It Done?

There are a few methods to chimney sweeping, however, Window Ninjas uses a sweeping vacuum method. We use a hose and vacuum to suck out all the soot, or creosote, and debris from your chimney and fireplace. We also make sure to put a cover over the opening of your fireplace to ensure no debris enters your home, causing damages!

How To Choose The Right Company:

There are three main questions you should ask every company before scheduling a service with them. the first question being how much experience they have working with your specific setup. The second question is whether they arrive in a branded vehicle and in full uniform to all services. This not only in Shores your safety but also means no confusion from people at home, neighbors or customers. Thirdly you should always ask if they are fully licensed insured bonded and carry workman’s compensation for all of their employees. We ask that you do not do business with someone that is unlicensed or uninsured as it is a minimum requirement to be a professional service provider!

an additional thing you can ask is if they carry other services as well. For example, we here at wyndone ninjas offer a variety of services from window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter cleaning to dryer Vent cleaning and chimney sweeping as well. This way our customers do not have to call multiple companies in order to get everything they need done. We even offer recurring services for all of our customers to use so that you won’t have to remember to call us multiple times a year! everything will be set up for you and you will have your scheduled time during the busy Seasons as well.

Final Thoughts:

With the information that we have provided we hope you are fully informed on everything you need to know about chimney sweeping. We want you to be informed and make your decision on what company to have at your home for your chimney sweeping service and for when you need your chimney sweeping done. For more information or to schedule a chimney sweeping Pawleys Island service, You can reach us at 843-212-0794 or on our wonderful website at!