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The temperatures have finally started dropping which means that you’re going to want to sit by nice fire sometime soon. Which also means that now is the perfect time to give Window Ninjas a call for your chimney sweeping Richmond Services. I know you’re probably thinking that the Window Ninjas team is only known for cleaning windows, after all that is their name right? Well our team is actually here for several of your residential and Commercial exterior cleaning and maintenance services, and that includes your chimney sweeping services. Wood burning fireplaces create a nasty by-product called creosote that needs to be professionally cleaned to keep your chimney and fireplace working efficiently and safely. We recommend having the service completed once a year, and fall is the perfect time for that!  so give us a call to get your appointment schedules at 804-256-3221 or visit our website at

Why is your chimney sweeping Richmond service so important? Well wood burning fireplaces create a by-product called creosote. Creosote is made mostly up of tar. Which means that it is extremely flammable and that it lines itself easily on the inside of your chimney walls. That black, shiny stuff that you notice on your fireplace surround is creosote. That nasty residue needs to be professionally cleaned to keep your fireplace and chimney working efficiently and safely. That is why our team of extensively trained professionals clean your chimney from The Chimney Cap all the way down to the ash box. While our team is cleaning we are also performing an inspection. This way our team can let you know if anything needs to be repaired or replaced to keep your chimney in good working order. Some things like replacing your Chimney Cap our team can also help with so that way we can kill two birds with one stone as the saying goes. Is always a good idea to have your chimney inspected as well as clean every year, and fall is the perfect time to do that now that the weather is getting chillier.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends having your chimney sweeping Richmond service completed at least once a year by the professionals. They recorded that there are an average of 48530 fires every year from home heating elements. And 25% of that number, which is over twelve thousand fires, every year are  just from solid fueled chimneys. Which you would know as your wood burning fireplace. The leading Factor contributing to those fires is the lack of proper care and maintenance on your chimney and fireplace. So if for no other reason than to have your chimney sweeping Services completed this fall, let the professionals handle it to protect your home and family from the serious potential of a fire from the lack of proper cleaning.

Now that the temperatures are finally dropping and we are getting into fall weather, it is the perfect time to have your chimney sweeping Richmond service completed. You are probably thinking of starting to use your chimney and fireplace again for the season because the days aren’t as high and the nights are getting chilly. Which means that you need to have your chimney cleaned and inspected before you start using it again. So go ahead and give us a call today to schedule your appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team members. You can reach us at 804-256-3221 or visit our website at

There are plenty of signs that you are in need of a chimney sweeping Richmond service. These signs include if you notice falling such, even when you are not using your fireplace. If you notice that your fires are burning poorly or that they are hard to start, that’s another good sign. If there is smoke coming into your home, even when you are sure that the flue is open, then you definitely need to call the Professionals in immediately. If you just bought a new home or it has been vacant for a while, you might notice some Critters like birds or squirrels nesting on top of your chimney or you might even have a beehive inside your chimney – you can call us to help clean, replace, and inspect your chimney from the cap down to the ash box! 

If you notice a campfire-like smell coming from your fireplace, even when you are not burning a fire, that smell is from the creosote buildup. And even though I think a lot of people enjoy the campfire smell, when it’s coming from the inside of your home that is not a good sign. Those oily spots on your chimney walls are creosote and they need to be properly removed to keep your chimney and fireplace working safely and efficiently. So if you notice any of those signs I just talked about either before using your fireplace or while you’re testing it out, you need to give Window Ninjas a call today. Scheduling your appointment only takes a couple minutes out of your day right now, then we only need about an hour of your time for the appointment. I think 1 hour out of 1 day, once a year, is not a big ass to keep your chimney safe and efficient, but also keep your family and home safe as well.

Give Window Ninjas a call today to schedule your chimney sweeping Richmond service. Our team is here and ready to get your property looking its best for The Fall season, and ensure that you can thoroughly enjoy your fireplace and an amazing fire on those chilly nights. The holiday season is approaching quickly so even if you’re thinking you want to give this a little bit more time when the days have really started to get cold, you can still give us a call today and we set your appointment as far in advance as you’d like us to. Our schedule does fill up quickly this time of year with all of the upcoming holidays and we’ll be busy into the beginning of the new year. So like I said, even if you’re trying to wait until the days are generally cold, give us a call today to ensure that you’re getting an appointment scheduled! You can reach us at 804-256-3221 or visit our website at to learn more about our services.