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Did you know that soot is afoot in your chimney? Well it is,  Window Ninjas are here to help you with all your chimney sweeping Southport needs. An unchecked chimney can lead to an overly excessive amount of becoming built up in your home’s chimney. Window Ninjas is a professional Home Service Company with years of experience that will help you keep your home in the best condition possible. Our team of certified technicians are experts at chimney sweeping which will ensure that your chimney is kept in the best condition possible. If there is anyone qualified to help you with your chimney needs it is Window Ninjas.You are able to book Window Ninjas services at our website or by giving us a call at  910-538-4223 

“ What is soot?” you may be wondering…Well it is the powdery black substance substance that is created by the incomplete burning of organic materials. This is due to the carbon not being burned off fully into the smoke and finding somewhere to stick such as your chimney wall. after a. Of time or with burning large quantities of organic material the sit in your chimney can quickly build up and become an accumulated mass. Foot is made up of incredibly fine particles that seek to attach to each other. These particles are so small that they are able to easily find their way to others and can cause accumulation in any place possible within your chimney. To prevent this from happening you should use chimney sweeping Southport services at least once if not twice a year depending on how heavily you use your chimney.

 Another question that comes up frequently is whether or not it is dangerous to humans to help. well the answer is yes, it in fact can be dangerous to our health. As mentioned earlier, the sit particles that are found from burning organic materials such as wood or oil are very fine particles that get released into the air. Send see particles are so fine it is very easy to see how they can become inhaled and sucked into your lungs. Since it is formed from the incomplete burning of organic materials and means that the suit itself will contain Dioxins and other chemicals that become ingrained in the soot.Due to the fact that these particles exist in such a small size it makes them easy for you to breed them in and then from there since they are so tiny they can easily be further transferred into our bloodstream or Airways. According to certain sources this poses a potentially hazardous risk to humans in the form of Bronchitis, heart attacks, asthma, Strokes, Etc…  These health hazards make it clear why it is very important for your chimney sweeping Southport needs to be taken care of in order to further promote good health in your home.

There’re a few ways that a homeowner can tell whether or not their chimney is in need of being serviced. First, is by visually inspecting your fireplace early and then seeing what the condition of your fireplace looks like. If you can visibly see a buildup of black carbon and sit on your fireplace where it is visible to you then I most likely mean the rest of your fireplace contains just as much if not more that needs to be cleaned. Another way to tow is if any chunks of soot or build up happen to fall from your chimney into your fireplace. This can occur whether you’re in the midst of having a fire in your fireplace or even if the fireplace is inactive. There will be large chunks of debris that fall through the fireplace which are a clear sign that your fireplace needs to be cleaned as the build-up has become too strong that it’s resulting in pieces falling off as they are unable to support itself any longer. Another way to tell if your fireplace is in need of getting a chimney sweep is if your fires are not burning clean me or you have smoke coming back up out of the chimney. This can occur because as the fireplace chimney becomes more clogged with an increased amount of built-up so it can block the flow of air through the chimney. This will result in the air flow throughout your fireplace not being as strong and leading to the fire having struggles as oxygen is an important part of fire in the circulation of it helps keep the fire burning steadily. along with that if it is built up in the air flow is messed up then not all the smoke will be sucked up the chimney as it should be, rather with the messed-up airflow it will result in and smoke coming out of the fireplace back into your home which is something we do not want! If this has happened when you should reach out to Window Ninjas for your chimney sweeping Southport needs. 

Window Ninjas makes the process of scheduling your chimney sweeping Services incredibly easy through our website. From there a team of trusted and incredibly talented technicians will be sent to your home in order to complete the chimney sweeping Southport job at your home.

 This is the perfect time of the year for you to schedule a chimney sweeping Southport job for your fireplace and chimney before winter columns. We have started to get some calls from people who want their chimneys cleaned as they realized they haven’t done it in a few years. I need it to get done. Once again this is something that we recommend everyone does at least once a year because if not it becomes very easy for the city to be built up much more than you think it would be. if your home is in need of any chimney sweeping services you can easily schedule Window Ninjas at our website where by giving us a call at 910-538-4223.