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Chimney sweeping services are very important no matter what time of year it may be. The majority will argue that getting a chimney sweeping Virginia Beach service is best during the winter times. Though this may be true it is always good to have your chimneys cleaned on a regular basis. When your chimney is not clean a lot of dangers and risks can occur. One of these could be that your home is set on fire or the air quality in your home may be detrimental to your family. I think it’s very important to get a service like ours done as soon as possible. So when you get the chance please call our phone number 757-425-1224 or visit our website

There is an immense benefit by getting a chimney sweeping Virginia Beach service from Window Ninjas! The chimneys often produce soot or creosote. Creosote is very flammable and can easily form a layer inside your chimney. This can be dangerous as creosote, like mentioned before, can be very flammable. Even explosive under the right conditions.. After your fires have finished branding, creosote is the shiny, black residue that is left around your fireplace surround and in your chimney walls. It also emits a scent that resembles that of a campfire, which may appeal to some people. However, if the smell of a campfire is present inside a house, this indicates that there is a significant accumulation of creosote that needs to be properly removed.

We help those that do not have the time to get a chimney sweeping Virginia Beach service done! According to the National Fire Protection Association. The absence of annual cleaning and maintenance is the primary factor that contributed to those fires. At least once a year, Window Ninjas and the National Fire Protection Association recommend having a chimney swept by Virginia Beach Services. If you use your fireplace and chimney more than once during the winter months, you will need to have it swept more than once a year.

We suggest that you have your chimney swept and inspected twice a year. You can either do this in the late spring once the temperatures have risen and you have finished using your fireplace and chimney for the year. Alternatively, as is the case right now, you can have this service completed in the early fall before temperatures drop too much. Because the weather is getting colder and you’re thinking about using your chimney and fireplace once more for the season, this is also a good time to get your stomach swept. In any case, give Window Ninjas a call right away to schedule a chimney sweeping Virginia Beach appointment with our skilled and knowledgeable staff.

Give us a call right away to set up a time for our chimney sweeping services in Virginia Beach. Our sales representatives are available to take your call and guide you through our simple appointment scheduling procedure. There are numerous indications that you require a Virginia Beach chimney sweeping service of a professional quality. When your fireplace is not burning anything, soot falling from your chimney are some of the warning signs that you may need a chimney sweeping service. Even if you are certain that the flute is open. Naturally, another negative sign is the presence of animals like bees, birds, or squirrels nesting within your chimney or even on the Chimney Cap. What’s more, I momentarily referenced before creosote appears as dark, slick spots on your stack walls and furthermore makes an open air fire like smell, and those are the two signs that you have an excess of creosote development and need a smokestack clearing administration immediately.

From The Chimney Cap to the Ash Box, our highly skilled technicians will clean and inspect your chimney. We need to guarantee that we eliminate all of the creosote development so the chimney stack and chimney can keep on working effectively and securely for one more year. Also, we want to do a thorough inspection so we can tell you if anything needs to be fixed or replaced to keep your chimney safe and working well again. Even simple tasks like changing your chimney cap can be completed with our assistance. Therefore, give Window Ninjas a call right now to schedule your chimney sweeping service. Our helpful and knowledgeable sales representatives are available to walk you through our simple appointment scheduling procedure. 

They are also available to assist you in finding answers to any questions you may have regarding your chimney sweeping Virginia Beach service or any of the other services that are currently accepting offers. The day before your surface, we’ll send you a reminder call to let you know that our team is coming to your property. We only need about an hour of your time to finish your chimney sweeping and inspection. We always do a top to bottom inspection to ensure that there is no dangerous damage that may be required before the clean. Our technicians are very thorough. herefore, give us a call right away to get your fireplace and chimney ready for another year of safety and effectiveness. 

A chimney sweeping Virginia Beach service can definitely be something that  saves you a lot of time and energy. On top of that, our technicians are very thorough so you won’t have to worry about a single thing being missed. if you are worried about a certain thing that they do, you’re more than welcome to call back and let us know. Our company runs on 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We always want to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the service that has been provided. You are also more than welcome to grab one or more services for your home.  Doing this for your home can be the best way to start your new year! You can contact us at 757-425-1224 or visit our site at