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If you’re considering using your fireplace as an alternative to electric heating, you may want to have it cleaned first. Chimney Sweeping Williamsburg services can provide you with a squeaky clean service. We understand you may have some concerns and we hope by the end of this article you will be properly informed of the importance. If you’d like to skip ahead and speed the process up, you can go to or reach us at 757-785-5850.

Why Is Chimney Sweeping Necessary?

Chimney Sweeping Williamsburg understands that with modern technology, chimneys are often not used. Chimneys are an economical alternative to electrical or gas heating. The biggest risk of not having your chimney serviced is carbon monoxide buildup. When carbon dioxide buildups it becomes poisonous to breathe. This puts your loved ones and self at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Unless you have a carbon monoxide detector, it’s difficult to establish how much is building up. This is why we recommend you have it serviced at the very least once a year. Buildup occurs when twigs, creosote or soot aren’t removed from your chimney. Carbon monoxide is heavier than air so it sinks to the ground which is why your detector should be placed towards the floor.

Now smoke you are able to see and it can infiltrate your home when buildup occurs. Smoke and ash can make it difficult to breathe. These compounds can also cause damage to your home or lungs. Chimneys become clogged due to twigs and leaves falling or ash debris buildup which is why it’s so important to have a yearly Chimney Sweeping Williamsburg service done. Not only are you at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning, but the possibility of a chimney fire is much higher when it has not been properly serviced. Having a proper Chimney Sweeping Williamsburg service allows the wood to burn better. Routine chimney inspections will also be more easily passed. This leaves you with the peace of mind that your family or loved ones are protected.

Why Hire A Professional?

It’s important to note that chimney sweeping is dangerous. I know you’re probably thinking “Why I’ll just sweep my own chimney”. Renting or buying the tools needed to chimney sweep can be costly. You could fall from the roof and hurt yourself as well. Chimney Sweeping Williamsburg removes every speck of creosote. Creosote is highly flammable and even the smallest amount left behind can leave behind a fire hazard. It’s also a very time consuming task in which we can cut the time in half with proper tools and knowledge.

Proper maintenance of chimney sweeping will help extend the life on your chimney. Creosote isn’t the only combustible substance that builds up in chimneys. This is why it’s so important to hire a professional to ensure every square inch of your chimney is free of combustible hazards. The smallest amount of creosote is enough to build up in the lining of your chimney leaving potential for fires to ignite. Chimney Sweeping Williamsburg services will come and assess a few different things. First, we check the soundness of the chimney’s structure and the appliance installation and connections. In doing so we then chimney sweep and ensure your chimney is free of all hazards. No matter what logs you are burning, build up occurs.

What Method Of Chimney Sweeping Is Used?

Chimney sweeping has been around for hundreds of years. Before electricity and gas methods of heating your home, human civilization used your basic fireplace. This is an effective and aesthetic way of heating your home, it’s also very dangerous and gross to clean. Most chimney sweeps back in the day were young boys between the ages of five and eleven years old. Isn’t that depressing? Most of these young boys were orphans or sold by their parents to a chimney master. I personally feel sad hearing of this because I have a two and a half month old son. I cannot imagine him being exposed to this dangerous environment. Soot inhalation caused many of the young boys not to live past middle age. There were even the first recorded cases of industrial cancer. How terrible? Let’s avoid you or your loved ones from suffering like these young children did.

Chimney Sweeping Williamsburg uses a sweeping vacuum method. Our hose and vacuum method sucks all of the creosote and debris from your chimney and fireplace. Once we assure the chimney is squeaky clean, a cover is then placed over the opening to prevent further debris from entering the home or chimney. In 1864 the English Parliament passed the “Act for the Regulation of Chimney Sweepers” thus leading to new designs for chimney sweeping. Chimney sweepers now have the proper equipment to avoid being covered in soot. Our technology has advanced so much in the last hundred years that no one has to suffer anymore. With these risks that young men suffered back in the day I’m sure you see the importance of hiring a professional rather than yourself. This world is so uncertain and has so many potential risks, it’s best to keep yourself safe.

How Do I Set Up An Appointment?

Setting up an appointment with Chimney Sweeping Williamsburg starts with you reaching out to our wonderful customer service team. Any questions you could possibly have, they can answer. We can walk you through every temp of the process and what you can expect. We can set you up with an appointment on the perfect time and date for you. We want to make life easier for you. Our sales team will even help find the best rate for you.

After you set up your appointment, our customer service team will provide you with a reminder email two days before the scheduled service. If you happen to suck at checking your email such as myself, don’t worry because we will follow up with a courtesy phone call the day before we are scheduled to come out. Chimney Sweeping Williamsburg is here for you and your chimney services. We can be reached at or by telephone at 757-785-5850.