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This content was written by Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning. 


Window Ninjas should already be your go to and number one choice for all of your Columbia dryer vent cleaning needs. Just in case we are not already, I am here to change that for you! Window Ninjas has over twenty five years of experience in the service industry and we aim to make all of our customers happy with the experience and services that we provide. Window Ninjas wants you to know that we are a fully bonded and insured company which means that you and your family will never have to worry about any potential losses or damages that could occur. This also means that our company is completely protected from any potential losses or damages as well. Personally, this is something that is super important to me when I am considering hiring a company. I will not hire anyone who is not fully insured just because I do not believe that it is worth the risks. Window Ninjas will always make sure to provide you with an exceptional Columbia dryer vent cleaning service. If you have any questions about what exactly a dryer vent cleaning service entails or if you already know that you are ready to get placed on the schedule; please do not hesitate to call our office during business hours at 803-849-8809 or visit our website at anytime by going to and filling out a service request form. 

Window Ninjas wants you to be satisfied with the work that we provide you and your family’s home with every single time which is one of the reasons that you can always expect a follow up phone call from us when we provide our services to you. Window Ninjas is dedicated to providing all of our customers with the very best experience in the industry and we hope to always hear great things from you when we follow up. If for nay reason, your experience is less than what you hoped that it would be, we would like to hear about this experience as soon as possible. The reason for this is because we want to make sure that we are able to correct the situation as soon as possible and if we are unable to correct the situation because there was no mistake on our end; we would also like to speak with you and explain why things were done the way that they were. Regardless, the goal by the end of everything is for you and your family to be satisfied and for your home to be a little safer after you have a Columbia dryer vent cleaning service provided for you. 

Window Ninjas has partnered with a non profit organization called which is just another one of the many reasons for you to choose us for all of your Columbia dryer vent cleaning needs. We have the experience, we care about how you feel about the end result, and we also donate one dollar to for every paid invoice. We believe that does some really amazing things as far as helping others and it is one of our ways that we give back. Another really great thing that we do is we offer a military discount to all of our country’s service members. This means that if you have served or if you are currently serving our country, all you have to do is let us know and request that we apply a military discount and we will be more than happy to do so for you. I come from a military family so this is something that I genuinely appreciate because I feel as though it shows respect and appreciation for those who deserve the most, yet get the least. 

When you choose to hire Window Ninjas for your Columbia dryer vent cleaning service, please keep in mind that we will need you or someone else to be present at the time of the appointment just so that we are able to gain access to your home to complete the dryer vent cleaning. I can also say that when you hire us for other services that are exterior, we do not require you to be home. We understand that you live a busy life and that you may not be able to make it to every appointment which is why we do not require that you be there for the exterior side of our services. Some of the services that we offer that are exterior are window cleaning (which we also offer interior services for as well), gutter cleaning, and pressure washing. If you have any questions about these services or if you would like to learn more about them, I recommend that you go to our website! One more thing that I would like to add to this is that while we do require you to be there to lt us in; we do not require you to stay. We will be more than happy to lock your doors for you when we leave and we will complete all exterior cleaning if there is any, at the most convenient time. 

We hope that this means that hiring us is not only the most positive choice, but also the most convenient. Window Ninjas will always go the extra mile to make all of our customers happy. This is why we work so hard to make sure that you and your family get exactly the service or services that you request. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about any of our services. Another really great thing is that our service technicians are trained in every aspect of our services and they can help you with all of your questions as well. Call us today at 803-849-8809 or go to our website at We are looking forward to hearing from you and getting you booked for the best Columbia dryer vent cleaning in the industry.