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This content was written for Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning 

One of the most important and incredibly overlooked parts of your home has to be the gutters. Gutters play an important role when it comes to keeping your home safe and protected from every homeowners nightmare; water! Yes water might be required to sustain life, but let me tell you, it is also one of the most destructive natural agents on the planet. If it wants to, water can be the bringer and destroyer of life. Gutters can redirect the flow of water away from your home to ensure that water doesn’t end up where it isn’t supposed to, because if you let it, it will. Our Columbia gutter cleaning service will be sure to get those gutters nice and sparkly clean so that you won’t have to worry about all that powerful water that decides where it wants to go and when if you enable it. Go ahead and call our office at 803-849-8809 to schedule your appointment as soon as possible. You are also welcome to go online and visit our website where you can fill out a service request form.  

Gutters, you need them, they help you immensely, so you have them installed, then you forget about them and never get them cleaned out. Well let me tell you now, get those gutters cleaned! They do too much work for your family to simply be forgotten about. Then when they are clogged and cause all kinds of problems for you, you’re going to blame the poor gutters because “they didn’t do their job.” But the reality of the situation is that they were doing their job, you were just failing to show them a little love every once in a while. Call the experts at Window Ninjas and we will send out one of our fabulous Columbia gutter cleaning service technicians that will be more than happy to show your gutters the love they deserve. When gutters become clogged with debris such as dead leaves, sticks, mud and other things, it can cause some major, costly problems. The purpose of gutters is to catch the water that falls from your roof, transport it to a downspout, the downspout then carries the water to the ground where it is dispensed into a natural area away from your home, like your grass. Or if you live on a hill the downspout could direct the water to flow down the hill away from your home. 

When your gutters and downspouts are no longer to carry water to its destination because they are full of debris, water does what water does best and it flows. The real problem is that it can and will end up in areas that it isn’t supposed to. It’s almost like water exclusively follows the laws of physics and Murphy’s law and that is it. It doesn’t care that you don’t want water in your roof and it doesn’t care that you don’t want water in your basement. If you leave your gutters clogged, the rainwater will protest and set out to destroy everything it can. People have experienced roofing damage caused by rotting wood after water was pushed up into the roof and others have experienced basement flooding after water fell from the gutters. Both roofing repairs and cleaning out a flooded basement are costly fixes, so it really makes more sense to call the expert team at Window Ninjas and use one of our experienced and professional Columbia gutter cleaning technicians. We can also get you set up with a regular gutter cleaning service so you never have to worry about your gutters being clogged ever again.

What is so special about Window Ninjas that you would want them to be the ones to continuously come and clean your gutters for you? Well for one, our expert team here at Window Ninjas will make sure to clean your gutters by hand. Why we do this is because cleaning your gutters by hand will ensure your gutters are cleaned properly and to make sure no additional damage comes to your gutters. This way you never have to worry about the shape your gutters are in after we leave, you will rest assured knowing that your gutters are sparkling clean without a knick or dent on them. We also make sure that we do not use water when cleaning your gutters because we have found that water is an ineffective method of cleaning and that it also makes it dangerous for our technicians because everything becomes slippery. Our entire Columbia gutter cleaning team is equipped with special gutter cleaning ladders that will rest on top of your roof or on the side of your house instead of on your gutters. This is because ladders already weigh a lot and when you add the bodyweight of a person, that is just too much for your gutters to handle. 

It might seem inconvenient to have a professional come out and clean your gutters, but it really is worth it. Gutter cleaning is a very dangerous and dirty activity so it is best to let someone with years of experience handle this task or you. If you don’t, there is a good chance that you could fall off the ladder, resulting in a trip to the emergency room and perhaps some broken bones. This is not something we want for you, instead we want you to call our office today and have your Columbia gutter cleaning team service your gutters as soon as possible. Gutters are usually very gross because the dirt, dust, pollen, dead leaves and sticks that have made your gutters their home have turned into a gross muddy sludgy combination. When you have your gutters cleaned with our professional Columbia gutter cleaning technicians you won’t ever have to worry about putting yourself in a dangerous or gross situation. Call our office today at 803-849-8809 or visit our website at Keep shining!