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Spring is in the air which means so is pollen. If you’d like to help restore your home to its natural beauty, Columbia Power Washing Service can help make this a reality. We understand that while the weather becomes warmer, you may want to spend more time outside. That doesn’t mean you want to spend it catching up on household chores. We can take that off of your plate with pleasure. If you’d like to maintain a beautiful home appearance, give us a call at 803-849-8809 or visit us online at

What Is Power Washing?

Columbia Power Washing Service uses high powered jets of water and our sodium hydrochlorite substance to remove dirt, pollen and all other substances from the area we are power washing. Power washing is applicable to a wide variety of surfaces. We can service your roof, outdoor furniture, driveways and sidewalks and so much more. Our team is even able to power wash your deck or any treated wood surface you have.

Power washing provides the most thorough clean you can achieve. Columbia Power Washing Service recommends having a service done once a year to maintain a beautiful home. This removes any loose paint that may be hanging off of your building and causing an unappealing look to your home. Power washing also removes any vegetation, mold or mildew that is building up outside of your home or roof. This is why it is so important to have it done once a year because these things build up very fast.

What Are The Benefits Of Professional Power Washing?

Having your home receive a Columbia Power Washing Service helps protect your home from any damage. It is a preventative maintenance to ensure your home is protected from the elements of nature. When your home is exposed to the natural elements, it leaves your home exposed for mold and mildew to grow inside of the cracks. This can cause your family or self to become very ill. When my sister and I were in elementary school, our school had to be moved because of mold. I remember my sister and I getting sick so often before we were finally moved to another school. We came down with numerous viruses and colds. This is because our immune systems were weakened by the mold we were inhaling. Hiring Columbia Power Washing Services can significantly reduce the risk of mold and older forming.

Power washing can also be extremely dangerous. It uses high amounts of pressure to wash the home. If this were to come into contact with this insane amount of water pressure, you could be susceptible to all kinds of gruesome injuries. These injuries can result in lengthy hospital stays. Power washing at home can also use harmful chemicals that you do not want to breathe in. These chemicals could also affect the vegetation around your home. Say you have a garden, if the runoff were to infiltrate your garden, it could kill your produce or be harmful to ingest. This is why having a Columbia Power Washing Service is so important. We use a mixture that is in no way harmful for you to breathe in and does not harm any of your vegetation.

Power washing can be expensive to your water bill and energy bill. Not to mention the cost of renting or buying a power washer. These things can rack up to hundreds of dollars or even close to a thousand dollars. Power washers are expensive machines that use lots of water and even possibly your electricity. This is why it can raise the cost of your bills. It’s more cost efficient to just hire Columbia Power Washing Services to take care of your power washing needs. It can also take up lots of your free time which we know you would rather be spending time with loved ones or out in nature enjoying the wonderful spring weather.

Why Are We The Best?

We here at Window Ninjas Columbia Power Washing Services, use environmentally safe products. We want to protect your family and home. Our goal is to ensure your home and loved ones are protected as well as ourselves. This is why we are fully licensed, insured and bonded. We are protected and so are you in the event of any accidents. With our proper training and knowledge of how to provide a wonderful service, we make safety our top priority. Proper safety regulations help to ensure that no accidents happen. We don’t want you to run the risk of hiring someone who does not have the qualifications that we do. If they were to get hurt on your property without any of the qualifications we have, you could be held liable and end up in a very sticky situation.

If you happen to google Columbia Power Washing Services, you will be able to see our wonderful reviews. You can find out what experiences other people had while working with our company. This way you can see wonderful feedback and can form your own opinion. We want you to feel confident hiring our company and to know that you’re in the right hands. With the internet at your fingertips, you can rely on strangers’ experiences rather than your coworkers, family members. We are complete professionals who have gone through extensive training.

You can begin your service with us by a simple phone call to our sales representative team. They will answer in a friendly manner and address any questions or concerns you may have. Our team is very professional and kind. They have extreme amounts of knowledge on what a Columbia Power Washing Service consists of. When your service is confirmed we will send you a confirmation email to remind you of your upcoming service and follow it up with a phone call. We understand that you may be busy and forget so we don’t want to catch you off guard when we arrive. When you’re ready you can give us a call at 803-849-8809 or visit us online at