Are your gutters starting to grow baby trees? Have your gutter cleaning Richmond services gotten away from you for the last year or two? If so, you are currently on the hunt for a team of professionals to help you handle your untamed gutters! Who should I turn to? How do you know if you are getting the best professionals for your home and needs? This article is here to help you feel confident about having Window Ninjas, or another team of professionals, complete your gutter cleaning services.

One of the most critical factors contributing to your gutter cleaning Richmond team of choice should be customer reviews. Whether the reviews are through Google, Facebook, Yelp, or any other review platform, these are important for several reasons. You want to ensure that the team you choose is good at performing their services, has excellent customer service, and is consistent in their performance. Customer reviews are the way to hear from your community about any company, whether Window Ninjas and our services, your hair salon, or even your mechanic! We encourage you to check out our reviews through those platforms we mentioned above, and then give us a call if you would like to book your gutter cleaning! You can reach our team at 804-256-3221 or through our website at

How Do You Know if a Team is Right for Your Gutter Cleaning Richmond Needs?

The reviews, of course! Reviews are the best way to hear about a company from the people in your community. Only some people are close with their neighbors, although referrals are another great way to hear about a customer experience with a team of professionals. So what are you to do if you don’t know anybody in your neighborhood or don’t like your neighbors? Check Google! Check Facebook! Or even check Yelp! These are great platforms with reviews of every kind of business, from restaurant exterior maintenance pros like Window Ninjas or even your local hair salon/barbershop!

Most people check reviews when looking for a new kind of service or even a new restaurant. It’s important to hear what other customers are saying about that company! You would want to try something different than an expensive new fine-dining restaurant just for it to be horrible. That could be because the food is terrible or dry, the staff is rude, or they are way overpriced for the portions that you are getting! That’s why you check out the reviews first!

The same thing goes for exterior maintenance and cleaning companies like Window Ninjas. Customer reviews can be about any aspect of our service. The office staff is accommodating, the technicians perform a fantastic gutter cleaning Richmond service, and the customer’s overall experience with our team is outstanding! We highly encourage you to check out our reviews to see how we keep WOWing our customers!

What Are The Top Three Review Sites?

The first review site you should always check is Google,  the second is Facebook,  and the third is Yelp. Google has terrific reviews and a fantastic platform. They average the reviews for you so you know the average number of stars the company gets. Many people also use Google to leave reviews as it is one of the most looked-at sites in the world. 

Facebook is a close second to Google as everyone or almost everyone uses it for social media matters. It is also a fantastic place to look for all company reviews. You can also tell more about the person leaving the examination if you check Facebook.

Yelp is the third and least-used review site; however, it still has a lot of reviews within it. Yelp is a trusted site along with Facebook and Google; however, it is used less often now than an older site. It still needs to be updated, but it has valuable information that could be useful when choosing the company for your gutter cleaning Richmond service. 

Which Company Would You Choose?

Company 1 and Company 2 have reputable websites, content, and information. They both arrive at services in a logoed vehicle and full uniform and have the correct licensing and insurance bonding for the company. How do you choose between the two? The reviews, of course! 

Company 1 has reviews such as ‘horrible customer service and rude employees,’ ‘they did an okay job,’ or ‘didn’t listen to my needs when scheduling, they were just trying to sell!’ These reviews tell you a lot about the company, the people you will be working with, and how your experience will go. The service will be sub-par, the people you speak to won’t care about you and your needs, and they will be rude! That is different from the experience you want! 

Company 2 has reviews such as ‘I got nothing but exceptional customer service with this company!’, ‘they did an excellent job on my gutter cleaning Richmond service!’ or ‘listened to every need I had and helped with each one!’ These reviews tell you that this company will be great to work with as they listen to your needs, have exceptional customer service, and will do an excellent job on your service! 

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Final Thoughts:

Having a gutter cleaning Richmond service at your home can significantly benefit you,  but figuring out where to start and what company to choose is difficult. That is where reviews come into play! They are a fantastic way to tell what working with a company is like and how they deal with any criticism or complaints they may get. You can check Google, Facebook, and Yelp for reviews on almost all companies and get honest feedback from other consumers just like you.

If you would like more information or to schedule your gutter cleaning Richmond service, you can reach us at 804-256-3221 or visit our great website at today! We can’t wait to be of service to you!