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Dryer vent cleaning is not as easy as it may seem and there are some snags that one can encounter along the way. The experts at dryer vent cleaning Greenville NC recommend that you hire a professional to do this job for you. Someone who knows what they are doing and can safely clean out a dryer vent without creating more problems for you is definitely what you need. Some dryer vents are made of a collapsible venting tube that can become easily dislodged inside of the wall. If this happens while you are trying to clean it, then you have a big problem. Newer homes typically have a metal tube these days that goes from the inside of the laundry room to the outside of the house. This makes for easy bending when on a second story that leads to a vent that exits on the first floor. The chances of this coming loose during the cleaning process is very small. We also recommend hiring a pro because they are fully insured and bonded and carry commercial insurance. That way if something does go wrong, then it is all covered and not by you. It is covered by the company doing the work. Our business can be reached by giving us a call at 252-565-4754 or you can stop by on our website at

What Makes Us A Better Choice

At dryer vent cleaning Greenville NC we have been doing business for three decades so that means we have tons of knowledge and experience when it comes to cleaning out dryer vents. It is our business to know how to clean them out properly and safely. When we encounter issues we know how to solve them. Also we are locally owned and operated. Many people love supporting businesses that are local like we are. It speaks volumes to be a community where we have been serving others for many years and we have such a great reputation. Our business comes highly rated and we are extremely sought after. We have awesome reviews too! You are welcome to get a firsthand glimpse of those reviews for yourself either on our website or on Google to see what folks are saying about us. We think you are going to love us just as much as they do.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Dryer vent cleaning Greenville NC strives to serve others with the best in customer service and the highest quality workmanship. We are second to none.

How We Perform Dryer Vent Cleaning Greenville NC Services

The process of dryer vent cleaning only takes about 45 minutes to one hour. It requires the use of a few tools and pieces of equipment. Most folks don’t own their own dryer vent cleaning kit, but it can be purchased at most home improvement stores. Why do you want to do that though when doing the job doesn’t really take that long to do and you might run the risk of doing something that damages the venting tube? To us that just doesn’t make a lot of sense. The cost of having to repair a mistake could be far more than the cost of dryer vent cleaning.

Dryer vents kits include a flexible extension rod that comes in pieces that can be assembled to different lengths. All dryer vent tubes are not the same length. It just depends on the location of the dryer and where the vent exits the house. The dryer vent kit also includes a brush that goes on the end of the flexible rod and a plastic piece that connects to the end of the dryer vent for use with a shop vac. You will need access to a drill and a shop vac to make this go smoothly. Once you have everything then you are ready to clean out the dryer vent.

Dryer vent cleaning Greenville NC will attach the shop vac to the outside of the house where the dryer vent exhausts from and move the dryer out from the wall inside the home. It will be disconnected and then the flexible rod will be placed into the tube with the brush head on the end. On the opposite end of the rod the drill will be attached and used to make the brush go around while going down into the vent tube. The shop vac will be turned on to suck out the lint as the vent tub is being cleaned out. More pieces of the flexible rod will be added as needed until the end of the tube is reached. Then everything will be put away and the dryer will be moved back into place and reconnected. The machine will be checked for operating status and away she goes. The job is done. As long as nothing goes wrong the dryer will work better than ever.

Clogged Dryer Vents

Lint is the cause of most dryer vent problems. Lint gets stuck inside of them due to moisture being released during the drying process when the machine is running. Over time the venting tube gets such a build up of lint that it causes the dryer to not work as efficiently. The dryer may take longer to dry clothing. Or you may have to run multiple cycles to get your clothing dry. Sometimes people think that their dryer is on its last leg and their only choice is to go shopping for a new machine. Before you throw in the towel give dryer vent cleaning Greenville NC a chance to clean your vent out.

Clothing that is hot to the touch when you get it out of the dryer is another sign that your vent is clogged. Or a burning smell.

How To Reach Us

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