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When it comes to dryer vent cleaning we know there are a lot of questions that may arise. A dryer vent cleaning Kiawah Island service can bring many thoughts and questions to the surface. with residential dryers going to work anywhere between 2:00 and 10 times a week they collect a great deal of wind in the process. This lint can end up in your dryer vent filter but unfortunately a good deal of it ends up in the dryer vent itself. This can cause many problems including a clog or the risk of the dryer fire. We want you to be informed on this and much much more about dryer vent cleaning services so you can reach out to us at 843-790-8447 or visit our wonderful website at today!

It is very important to get a dryer vent cleaning Kiawah Island service done at least once a year. like I said before the lint that goes through your dryer and small quantities will end up in the dryer filter however a good deal of it will end up in the dryer event itself. This causes many problems over time as the lint can block the passage of exhausted air. This can cause many problems for you and your home along with your family as well.

What Are The Risks Of Not Getting A Dryer Vent Cleaning?

The biggest risk of not getting a dryer vent cleaning Kiawah Island service done is the fact that a dryer vent fire will become more imminent. The lint from your dryer has the capability to catch on fire as it is very flammable. if it does happen to catch on fire it can burn the entire house or apartment building down within a matter of minutes. In the US alone between 2010 and 2014 fire departments responded to an average of 15,975 a year that were caused by dryers or their neighboring washing machines. According to the US fire Administration $2,900 calm clothes dryer fires are reported each year which cause an estimated five deaths, 100 injuries and 35 million in property loss. The leading cause of these fires was failure to clean the dryer and dryer vents properly!

Over time your dryer will continue to collect more and more dust and debris and one says it will leave less room for the exhausted air to travel through. As a result the dryer has to work harder and harder in order to stay operational which will result in a greater expenditure of energy meaning your power bill will definitely go up. Getting your dryer vent cleaned regularly with Window Ninjas dryer vent cleaning Kiawah Island service will ensure that your dryer vent will allow exhausted air to travel freely placing no strain upon your dryer itself.

Speaking of placing strain upon your dryer, getting a dryer vent cleaning service will reduce wear and tear on the dryer itself and the clothes that you put through it. The dirtier or dryer vent is the heart of the dryer will have to work and the harder it has to work the more wear and tear it suffers. your clothing will also lose a small fraction of its quality every time it goes through your dryer and due to the heat deteriorating small fibers in the clothing causing it to look more stretched and worn. This is why we recommend having it cleaned at least once a year; however , if you have a family of larger than five or more than two furry pets you may want to consider every 6 to 9 months.

How To Choose The Right Company For You?

There are four main things you should look for when choosing the company to work for you. The first thing you must always ask is the experience they have doing the job you need done. You recommend going with a company that has five or more years of experience in that service and has well experienced technicians as well. This helps Ensure that when your service is done it is done right the first time.

The second thing you should always check is the reviews of the company that you were looking at. We believe that reviews are the best way to tell what working with the company can be like as you get to see the experiences that others have had and how we deal with any criticism or complaints that we may get. Our company will always make decisions based on the experiences of our customers and will continue to do so well in the future.

The third thing you must always check is that they will arrive in a branded vehicle and in full uniform to all dryer vent cleaning Kiawah Island services they provide. This not only ensures your safety and theirs but also ensures that the employees are easily recognizable when they show up to your home or business. This means no confusion from people at home, neighbors or even customers!

The last thing to always check is that they are fully licensed insured bonded and carry workman’s compensation for all of their employees. This will keep both the company and you protected in any sense that someone gets injured on your property. We ask that you do not do business with someone that is unlicensed or uninsured as it is a minimum requirement to be a professional service provider.

Final Thoughts:

Now that you have more information on dryer vent cleaning services and what to look for in a company you are choosing to work for, we hope that you feel well informed in your decision making process. If you have any further questions or are confused about anything please let us know and give us a call at 843-790-8447 or you can visit our wonderful website at if you are ready to go ahead and schedule a dryer vent cleaning Kiawah Island service today!