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Keep your laundry fresh and home safe with a routine dryer vent cleaning service!

If you are considering a dryer vent cleaning service in Wilmington, North Carolina, we know you have questions. You may even be concerned about attempting to perform this service independently. We hope you can stop worrying because we wrote this article with you in mind. Our goal is to keep you informed and deliver a wealth of information to help you decide if dryer vent cleaning is a service you can complete independently or if you should hire a professional to tackle this crucial chore. Hopefully, by the end of this article, we will have delivered enough information to you so that you can decide whether to call a professional team like ours or attempt to perform dryer vent cleaning Wilmington service yourself.

Everyone likes to have their clothing appropriately dried. And with a professional dryer vent cleaning service, you can continue to feel the luxurious feel of warm fresh clothing over your cool body. However, your clothing needs to be appropriately dried. In that case, you will not enjoy wearing warm clothes in the morning. And you may even experience the dangers of needing a professional dryer vent cleaning Wilmington service.

Staggering Fact

Were you aware that America has over 15,000 dryer vent fires every year? It’s a staggering number! Any number could be dropped tremendously with some education and knowledge.

Here at Window Ninjas, we provide professional dryer vent cleaning services. Our Wilmington, North Carolina, team does a fantastic job restoring dryer vents to a like-new appearance. And they also perform a service that removes all debris that collects within the walls of your dryer.

So is a professional dryer vent cleaning service in Wilmington, North Carolina something you are currently searching for? Or are you trying to find the best way to perform this task independently? Let’s walk you through why it’s best to call a professional and how you can independently maintain your dryer vent system.

Call A PRO or DIY?

For some of you, a dryer vent cleaning service may be something you can handle. It will require the use of specific tools. If you are familiar with the inner workings of a dryer, you can tackle this chore on your own. If your dryer vent exits out on the first floor of your home, you have the potential to perform this task safely and effectively.

However, suppose your dryer vent system exits out on a second story or top of your roof. In that case, we highly recommend calling a professional dryer vent cleaning service provider in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Staggering Fact # 2

The second most dangerous issue residential homeowners face annually is Falls from ladders. There are over 500,000 accidents every year related to ladders. That means roughly half a million people are falling off ladders and going to the emergency room. Some of these ladder Falls are deadly. And others require stitches or mending a broken bone.

How does this affect you and your need for cleaning and maintaining your dryer vent system?

We recommend that the average property owner call a professional for a dryer vent cleaning service in Wilmington, North Carolina. Our team here at Window Ninjas has the proper tools and equipment to complete this job. We clean and inspect the dryer, the inner workings of the dryer, and the vent system itself. And we test all aspects of the dryer and the vent system to ensure they work cohesively together. We always provide our clients with a written inspection report.

Suppose you choose to clean your dryer vent system on your own. In that case, you may cause damage to the appliance, and you risk the potential of not removing all of the debris from your vent system or dryer itself.

How Much Does Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Cost In Wilmington, NC?

The average cost to clean your dryer vent system is very cost-effective. You can save the money you spend on a dryer vent cleaning service with increased efficiency from your dryer. If your clothes are taking longer than usual to dry, think about how much money you are spending on extra energy costs! A professional dryer vent cleaning service will run right around $150. Of course, this is average so the price could decrease slightly. Or it may go up just slightly. But for around $150, you can have a professional clean your dryer vent system, inspect it, and ensure it is safe to operate.

Final Thoughts:

Are you sold on having a professional driving cleaning service for your home in Wilmington, North Carolina? If so, please get in touch with our team and let us help! And if you need more than 100% sure if this is a service you should hire or do yourself, call us anyway! We can walk you through the process of what we do. And provide you with some information so you can make a better decision regarding the dryer vent cleaning service in Wilmington, North Carolina.

We are here when you need help in the decision-making process for your dryer vent cleaning service. Please call our team. We would be happy to answer any questions you may still have concerning your driver cleaning needs. We can be reached at 910-538-4223. And you can also visit our website at for more helpful information.