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If you are looking for a sign to get your dryer vent cleaned, this is your sign. This is also your sign to give Window Ninjas a call to schedule your dryer vent cleaning Virginia Beach service. You may already know our team because of our window cleaning services, or because our name is simply amazing. but what you may not know is that we also offer dryer and cleaning services for our residential and Commercial customers. It is important to have your dryer vent system cleaned on a yearly basis, or more often depending on your usage. In this article I want to talk to you about the signs that you need a driving cleaning service, and why you need Windows Ninjas to complete that service. After that, give us a call today to book your appointment at 757-425-1224 or check out our website at

You may not know that you need a professional quality dryer vent cleaning Virginia Beach service on a yearly basis. It is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association to have the service completed at least once a year, or more often depending on your family size and dryer usage. It is recommended if you have a family larger than five people, you do laundry on a daily basis, or you are a commercial use customer, that you should have your dryer vent system cleaned more than once a year. If you are unsure how often you need that service for your particular dryer, you can always ask our technicians while they perform your first driver cleaning service and they can help lead you in the right direction.

Why is it so important to have a dryer vent cleaning service completed every year? because a clogged dryer vent system becomes a fire hazard, a health hazard, decreases your driver’s lifespan, and increases your utility bills. First and foremost, the National Fire Protection Association records that There are almost 14,000 fires every year from dryers alone. That’s a very important reason to stay on top of your dryer vent cleaning Virginia Beach services. Along with being a fire hazard, it is also a health hazard to have a clogged dryer vent. that is because the airflow is restricted and nasty contaminants like mold and mildew can build up in your dryer, be pushed back into the air of your home, and even onto your clothing.

Your dryer’s lifespan is going to decrease because your dryer is having to work harder and for longer periods of time, continually pushing out high levels of heat, just to keep up. all of that extra wear and tear is going to kill your dryer way before it should. not to mention that if your dryer catches fire, that of course is going to significantly decrease your driver’s lifespan because your dryer is going to be dead. and last but not least, it also increases your utility bills because again your dryer is having to work harder and for longer periods of time. a clogged dryer vent system can increase your utility bills by up to 30%. and that’s a pretty big difference.

Now let’s talk about the signs of needing a dryer vent cleaning Virginia Beach service. The first sign to notice that your dryer vent system is getting clogged up with lint is that your dryer starts taking longer periods of time than normal to dry your clothes. So let’s say you wear a dryer which typically takes 45 minutes to dry your clothes. but now you notice that it’s starting to take 60 or even 90 minutes to dry your clothes to the same level of dryness as before. That’s because the air flow is starting to be restricted, which means that your dryer is sensing that your clothes aren’t dry yet and is continuing to work for longer periods of time.

The next sign is when the extended drying times are no longer drying your clothes. So when you’re close, start coming out of your dryer still damp, or they could be dry but smell like mildew. That is the second sign that too much lint is starting to get clogged up in your system and isAffecting your dryer’s abilities. So let’s say that you are drier, it takes 90 minutes, but your clothes are still wet. so now you’re going to run your dryer again to try to get your clothes dry this time. It’s all because the lint and debris buildup in your system is restricting the airflow and your dryer is unable to work properly. This is when you start getting increases in utility bills because your dryer is working longer, and you’re having to run a second cycle to drive the same clothes.

Now that’s talk about why you need Window Ninjas for your dryer vent cleaning Virginia Beach service. Our technicians are extensively trained so that they can not only clean your dryer’s exhaust, vent, hose, and exit point, but they also do a visual inspection. Our technicians perform a visual inspection on your dryer vent system to ensure that everything is in an improper working order, and of course we will let you know if anything needs to be replaced or replaced. Our technicians clean your dryer fence system from the inside and the outside to ensure that all lint and debris is removed, there are no blockages left, and again that everything through the system is in proper order.

unless you have an incredibly fancy dryer that alerts you when there is an error or something is happening, which I’m sure is incredibly costly, then you need to be aware of the signs. It’s important knowledge for every homeowner to have, and even if you live in a townhome or apartment, as long as you use a dryer these things are important to know. So when you’re ready to schedule your dryer vent cleaning Virginia Beach service, give Window Ninjas a call today at 757-425-1224 or visit our website at