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Once I started to write this list, I couldn’t stop! There are so many essential things to know about Wilmington dryer vent cleaning. Many of which will also be super important for you to know about! I found that a dryer vent cleaning Wilmington service was extremely important.

Please give me 15 minutes, and I will provide you with the information you need about cleaning out your dryer vent system and why it’s so important. I promise you; it’s going to be a game-changer!

In Wilmington, North Carolina, dryer vent cleaning should be a significant part of your home maintenance checklist. Annual cleaning of your dryer vent system will save you energy costs and protect you from the risk of a potential fire. Do I have your attention yet?

Dryer Vent Lint Is Highly Flammable

When my son was a youngster, he wanted to be part of the boy scouts. It was another activity that was going to take time. With his Lacrosse career and his schooling, we didn’t find enough time for him to take on another activity. Finally, he broke us down, and we gave in and let him join the Boy Scouts so that he could go off into the wilderness and have fun on camping trips!

I tell you about this because it relates to a dryer vent cleaning Wilmington service and how I know that dryer vent lint is highly flammable, which go hand in hand.

As the Boy Scouts teach young boys how to build fires in the wilderness, they get pretty creative. And they instructed every single youngster to go home and take dryer vent lint out of the lint trap of their mom’s dryer. As the boys looked puzzled and confused, the scoutmaster explained that the dryer vent lint is highly flammable and would burn hot and quickly. Two things that you need to build a fire in the woods!

How does this relate to your need for a dryer vent cleaning Wilmington service? Once I saw how quickly the dryer vent could catch fire from a tiny spark, I was flabbergasted!

This was when I had my team start tackling the chore of dryer vent cleaning Wilmington services for residential homeowners because I saw a need for a problem! Dryer vent fires are real, and they happen over 15,000 times yearly. Remember to overlook the importance of a professional cleaning out the lint collected inside your dryer vent system.

Reduce Your Energy Costs With Dryer Vent Cleaning

The dryer in your home is more than likely the most demanding working appliance you own. Most people think of the refrigerator as their most used appliance but think about it. Your dryer sits there, spins and expels hot air, and runs through all kinds of drying cycles so that your clothes turn out warm, fresh, and ready to wear!

Whereas your refrigerator chills all day, chilling your food!

The average homeowner will use their dryer 8 to 10 times a week. And your dryer serves a vital role in ensuring that your family has the clothes they want to wear when they want to! Suppose your dryer is full of an accumulation of lint and other debris. In that case, it will not be able to expel hot air any longer. And inevitably, it will stop working and will not dry your clothes any longer.

How is your teenage daughter going to feel about that?

If your clothing is not drying properly and takes more than one cycle, think about how much energy you are expelling to get your dryer to dry your clothes. Hire a professional to clean your dryer vent system, and your teenage daughter will thank you. With the money you save on energy costs, you can take her to polish her nails!

Say Yes To Dryer Vent Cleaning Wilmington Services

So you have already detected that your dryer is not drying your clothes properly. Your young boy scout is pulling the dryer vent out of your dryer so fast that it looks like a stuffed animal losing all of its stuffing! You are becoming frustrated and do not know where to turn! but you know that there is something wrong with your dryer, and it’s ruining the Mojo in your household!

We always ensure that your dryer is clean and fresh and that your vent system flows smoothly and adequately! Say yes to a professional dryer vent cleaning Wilmington service. Allow the experts at window Ninjas to come out and remove all of that lint and other debris that has collected inside the walls of your dryer vent system.

We always provide our clients with a written inspection report to verify that your dryer is working at Tip Top capacity. This detailed report outlines every aspect of your dryer and vent system. It is a handy checklist to over check our work.

Call Window Ninjas For Dryer Vent Cleaning Wilmington Services

Wilmington dryer vent cleaning is a service you must check off your to-do list annually! We are one of the leading experts in the area who can help you with this task. We offer a safe and fun approach to cleaning and maintenance. And our team is beneficial in answering any questions you may have and giving you helpful tips and tricks to make your life and laundry a little easier to do daily! We provide residential and Commercial Driving cleaning services.

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