Greenville NC Pressure Washing | Sometimes A Little Pressure Is Good

This content was written for Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning

You know, sometimes a little pressure is a good thing. I know it might not seem this way in the moment, but often you look back on the times you were put under pressure a little bit and you might realize that you grew because of it. In the terms of the exterior of your home or business, a little pressure can go a long way. Pressure washing can really help out your home because it helps to preserve your home and can also increase your property’s value. If you are interested in a Greenville NC pressure washing service from Window Ninjas, then give us a call at 252-565-4754 and we will set up your Greenville NC service today. You can also fill out a service request form on our website at We hope to be your go-to pressure washing service provider because we always wow our customers and we want to be able to wow you as well. We always put our customers first and we hope you recognize the importance of quality customer service. Keep shining!  

So now that we know pressure washing is indeed a good thing, do you know what it is exactly? To pressure wash means you are using a beam of water at a high pressure to remove annoying, unsightly organic matter such as grime, mold, mildew and dirt as well as inorganic matter like the paint that has been chipped and is hanging off your building. These are all things that everyone has to deal with, you are not alone in the dirty home exterior, but you can do something about it. When you call the experts at Window Ninjas we guarantee to give you the absolute best Greenville NC pressure washing service of all time. We will no doubt wow you with the results you are left with and we will be more than happy to keep coming out to help you keep your home or business looking this good. Window Ninjas also uses a high and low pressure washes, both with a chemical solution made up of sodium hypochlorite and a high alkaline detergent. Do not let these names scare you, these chemicals are nothing you have to worry about, they are organic and environmentally safe. The reason why we use two different pressures is because not all of your property’s surfaces can be reliably cleaned by a high or a low pressure. For example, your driveway will be fully cleaned using a high pressure wash, but this same high pressure can really damage your roof if you tried to clean it with that. Likewise, it is good to pressure wash your roof with a lower pressure, but this low pressure will not do as good of a job if it were to be used on your driveway. So keep that in mind when you call and ask for a Greenville NC pressure washing service with Window Ninjas. In terms of the chemical wash, the sodium hypochlorite is what will actually be able to break down the organic matter on your property, whereas the high alkaline detergent is a soap that will clean your surfaces and keep them shining for longer.  

There are a few other benefits of pressure washing other than it gets your property looking brand new. A clean home will only add to your property’s curb appeal and a regular pressure washing service with our Greenville NC pressure washing team will actually preserve your home. Some homeowners have seen an increase in their property’s value by a remarkable five to ten percent when they have their property pressure washed one to two times a year. In addition to keeping your property absolutely stunning, regular pressure washing can also reduce the amount of allergens surrounding the outside of your home, but also the allergens that have found themselves inside your home. Now is the perfect time to set up a pressure washing service because springtime brings a lot of allergens and those who suffer from allergies, especially from pollen, can really benefit from a pressure washing service from the expert team at Window Ninjas. 

Pressure washing may seem like a simple and easy task, but the reality of it is quite the opposite. Pressure washing can be hard and difficult work, and it can also be dangerous work. If you have never pressure washed before, or you have little experience pressure washing, it is best that you call our team so we can get a Greenville NC pressure washing service set up for you as soon as possible. If you don’t have the right protective equipment, pressure washing will leave you soaked to the bone. But not only that, you will be soaked with the gross, dirty water that is coming off of your property. You’ll have to take many showers to ensure you get all that grime off! Something that not everybody seems to piece together is that pressure washing means water is coming out of the nozzle at a very high rate, and this means that if your hands get in the way, or your finger, or another person, then you can really injure them. Pressurized water is nothing to mess around with, it can cause life threatening injuries if you let it. A trip to the emergency room doesn’t compare to paying for a regular pressure washing service. Regular means one to two times a year, but the more the merrier. 

The experts here at Window Ninjas are here for all of your pressure washing needs and our Greenville NC pressure washing team will leave you wowed! We are a fully insured and bonded company, so if there was an accident then you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. So go ahead and call our office at 252-565-4754 or you can go online and fill out a service request form at our website Keep shining!