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You may be wondering what the Big deal is about not having your gutter cleaning Brentwood TN services completed on a regular basis. The truth is that overflowing gutters can cause a multitude of issues for your home. You may not realize that your gutters can easily get too clogged up with debris, and you may be surprised at the amount of things that could go wrong when your gutters are full. There may be a storm and your overflowing gutters backlog into your home causing serious damage. There may be animals nesting in your gutters and are making their way inside your home. Or it may be as simple as an issue with curb appeal. After all, dirty gutters growing their own trees, and roofs that are covered in leaves and growing vegetation are not a good look for the neighborhood. No matter the situation, when you are ready to schedule your Brentwood TN gutter cleaning service give Window Ninjas a call today at 615-988-6699 or check out our website at

Let’s talk about the issues behind why your gutter cleaning Brentwood TN service is so important:

First and foremost, when your gutters are overflowing with debris it can create issues with several places in your home. If you have too much debris piled up in your gutters, water can build up and start to pool onto your roof and into the ceiling of your home. If you have ever had a family friend talk about how water started dripping on them in the middle of the night, it was because their gutters were too full and the water had nowhere else to go besides into the roof and into their ceiling.

Water can also create issues with the siding of your home as well as seep into the inside of your walls. When your gutters are overflowing, they are no longer taking all of the water away from your home and foundation. Instead, all of that water is rushing over the side of your home which is going to increase your mold and mildew build up on your siding. Then you are going to need some pressure cleaning services as well as your gutter cleaning service. If your gutters are left to continue overflowing with water, it may even seep into the inside of your home and start creating issues of mold and mildew inside your walls.

The most expensive issue to look out for is too much water getting into the foundation of your home. While your foundation is strong, when water is continually building up around the foundation and seeping into it, the foundation is going to crack and be eaten away. Foundation issues are incredibly time-consuming and costly to fix. That is why it is so important to stay on top of your gutter cleaning Brentwood TN services.

What about the critters?

Undisturbed, damp, hidden areas of your gutters become the perfect nesting grounds for critters. If you continually forget about your gutters and do not have your gutters cleaned on a regular basis, critters will notice and move in. That dark, undisturbed, and hidden from predators spot that you know as your gutters becomes the perfect place for critters to nest and make a home. These critters can be mice, squirrels, birds, possums, and even snakes. Animals like squirrels and mice can actually eat away at the fascia around your gutters and start making their way into the attic of your home and the rest of your home after that. Snakes can also slither their way into your home, and even build a nest inside the walls of your home. That is the thing nightmares are made of! When you have your gutter cleaning Brentwood TN Services completed on a regular basis, you are ensuring that those nasty little critters aren’t making a home in your gutters and eventually giving you a heart attack when you go to clean your gutters out on your own.

Curb appeal matters.

What may seem like the least important matter is your curb appeal. We all like our homes to look good, whether that’s for ourselves or to outshine our neighbors. When your gutters are overflowing with debris, growing their own plants, growing their own trees, or vegetation growing on your roof. These things are going to put a real damper on how amazing your home looks. Our team knows that you already put a lot of time and effort into maintaining your home, especially on the inside. Most of us already spend the majority of our free time doing regular maintenance tasks on the inside of our homes such as dishes, laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, dusting, and the list goes on. The majority of us don’t have the time or energy to complete Brentwood TN gutter cleaning services on our own. The majority of us also don’t want to climb a ladder, stick our hands into gutter debris, or spend all weekend cleaning gutters and all of the debris cleared from those gutters.

When you choose Window Ninjas for your gutter cleaning Brentwood TN service, you can skip all that.

Our technicians clean your gutters by hand so that you get the best results possible. This is our tried and true method to provide the best results with every Brentwood TN gutter cleaning service that we provide to our residential customers. Our team uses padded ladder standoffs that give our technicians the ability to physically access your gutters and roof. With every gutter cleaning service, our technicians blow all of the debris off of your roof and roof valleys as well as clearing the debris out of your gutters. The icing on the cake is that our technicians also clear your downspouts of any blockages. Your roof, downspouts, and gutters themselves all play an important role in your gutter system. You need to be sure that all of the debris is cleared so that your gutters can continue to do the job they are made to do.

When you are ready to schedule your gutter cleaning Brentwood TN service, give Window Ninjas a call today. Our team is ready to help your home look its best by completing one of the quickest and most cost effective services that your home has been begging for. Pick up the phone and give us a call today at 615-988-6699 or check out our website at