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If you have been considering having a gutter cleaning service done at your home, we know you may have many questions and concerns. You can stop worrying however, because we wrote this gutter cleaning Charleston article to inform you and allow you to relax while we address your concerns. By the end of this article it is likely that you will have a better understanding of answers to the questions concerning gutter cleaning services that have been on your mind. you can also reach us at 843-790-8447 or on our wonderful website at for more information.

It is a general recommendation to have a gutter cleaning Charleston service done at least twice a year. Once in June or July and once in December or January your gutters should be cleaned to ensure that they are working properly and have no damages. It is also recommended to have your gutters cleaned before any hurricanes or large storms as they bring down a lot of debris which can effectively clog your gutters.

How Are Gutters Cleaned With Window Ninjas?

For all gutter cleaning Charleston services we clean all gutters & Roof valleys out by hand and your downspouts will be cleared as well. All debris will be bagged up as we go, and then taken off site to a wooded area where it can decompose naturally and become compost for other plants. We are all about helping the environment here at Window Ninjas, and this is just one way that we do it. We also have an underground leader clearing service in which the leaders are jetted with our specially designed snake system. They are then flushed to ensure proper drainage! Your Landscaping is left undisturbed and all downspout so we flush to ensure proper drainage after every service. we will drop a weighted object like a golf ball for instance down your downspout to ensure that there is no debris left inside of it.

Speaking of being all about helping the environment and those around us, Window Ninjas would like you to know that we donate $1 of every service to They are currently on an amazing mission to deliver access to clean water to everyone around the world. We currently have about 12 locations with multiple trucks that do multiple jobs in a day. meaning we bring home a ton of invoices and the dollars add up quite quickly. We are very proud to support and help change lives with Safe Water. Today we’ve helped more than 1,600 people in need of access to Safe Water or sanitation, giving them time Health opportunities and Bright Futures.

What Are The Benefits of a Charleston Gutter Cleaning?

Dirty gutters can serve as a nesting and breeding place for pests like rats, mice, snakes, insects, birds and mosquitoes. These animals and insects can carry many deadly diseases that can greatly impact the well-being of you and your loved ones. Our technicians also know how to handle it if a situation arises that one of these animals or insects are in your gutters in the process of cleaning. Just think to yourself for a moment. how would you react if you reached your hand into your gutter to clean out some dirty gunky leaves and found a snake slithering through towards you? I know personally I would freak out and probably fall off the roof or ladder. This could result in some serious injuries and time and money spent in the hospital. So let the professionals handle it, and call Window Ninjas for your gutter cleaning Charleston services today!

Debris within your gutter can also decompose and form organic matter that will support the growth of tree seedlings, fungus and other plants. This is one of the reasons why we use it as a compost after we bag it up and remove it from your property. When this organic matter stays in your gutters the seedlings and other plants will begin to grow and their Roots will damage the roof shingles and fascia boards.

Having a regular gutter cleaning Charleston service can prevent the destruction of your Landscaping as well. Landscaping is a critical process that not only improves the Aesthetics of your home but also adds Beauty enhances the value of your home, regulates temperature, and improves your home’s comfort and livability. Unmanaged water from clogged gutters causes soil erosion to sleep away the cherished plants that you have chosen for your landscaping. Clean and efficient gutters and downspouts will channel the rainwater away from your home and in certain situations Channel them into specific waterbeds and Gardens to help eliminate the need of watering.

Gutter cleaning is also an amazing way to increase the lifespan of your gutters as dirty gutters will accumulate debris which can add unnecessary weight. As a result of this unnecessary weight the gutters are attached from the fascia boards and fall off of your home. The organic matter within the clogged butter can also cause rusting and corrosion to occur meaning more problems and things to replace for you the homeowner.

Final Thoughts:

It is important to get your gutters cleaned at least twice a year to ensure that they are working properly and efficiently and channeling rainwater away from your home. This will save not only your Landscaping but also allow for water to be channeled into specific water beds and gardens. Clean and efficient gutters will remove the threat of animals living within your gutters.

When it comes to gutter cleaning Charleston Services we hope that you have the information that you need to make an educated decision. However, if you would like to speak to somebody on the topic you can reach us at 843-790-8447 or you can visit our wonderful website at for more information and articles. we cannot wait to be of assistance to you and allow you to gain more knowledge on gutter cleaning services.