The Importance Of Gutter Cleaning

This article was written for Window Ninjas Window And Pressure Cleaning.

 Are your gutters filled with leaves and debris? If so, Gutter Cleaning Charleston services can lend a helping hand. Gutters can easily break when these substances inevitably build up inside them. During this article, I hope to inform you of the benefits and importance of gutter cleaning. If you are confident in booking a service with us already, you can schedule an appointment at or by phone at 843-790-8447. 

How Often Do My Gutters Need Cleaning?

Gutter Cleaning Charleston recommends having your gutters clean at the very least twice a year. We recommend it once in June or July and then again in December or January. During these times of year are when most or all of the leaves and debris have fallen. The trees are left barren for the winter season and collected in your gutters like they are supposed to. The removal is extremely necessary because wet leaves and debris get heavy and create clogs. In the summer season, the leaves have finished falling and returned to their natural green color. 

June and July are also the beginning of hurricane season. Hurricanes and thunderstorms both create powerful wind, strong enough to knock the leaves off of the trees, sending them flying. Did you know that rats, snakes and mosquitoes like to build nests in clogged gutters? If you didn’t, now you do. Rats are no god, they did carry the Black Plague to most of Europe. These rodents carry lots of diseases that you don’t want to expose yourself or family to. Snakes can be venomous and just all around creepy. No one wants to walk out of their house and have a snake fall on their head. Mosquitoes, in my opinion, are the absolute worst. I hate being bit by mosquitoes. They’re already too common in areas where shapes are prevalent. 

Why Is Gutter Cleaning So Important?

There are numerous reasons why gutter cleaning is so important. Gutter Cleaning Charleston would like to provide you with a few reasons to keep you informed. As stated before, gutters collect the debris of leaves and twigs that become heavy when accumulated. This amount of debris can damage your gutters or even break them causing you to have to replace them. This can be very costly. 

If your gutters aren’t properly serviced, water can get trapped inside and freeze during the winter months. This can cause damage to more than just your gutters, it can cause roof damage which is an insanely expensive fix. This is because the ice can push apart your shingles which leaves your roof exposed to water damage before and after the ice melts. Excess weight in your gutters can cause them to detach from the fascia boards. It’s best to just have your gutters professionally cleaned to prolong the life of them. With pests being mentioned before, if a dead animal were to be in your gutters, it encourages all kinds of bacteria to grow. This bacteria can cause all different kinds of damage.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

Gutter Cleaning Charleston services are trained professionals who specialize in safety. Believe it or not, at least one hundred people die a year from falling off a ladder and thousands more are injured. We can guarantee that you have no risk of falling if you book a service with us. We use specialized ladders that do not put pressure on the gutters. This minimizes the risk of damaging any gutters. It also minimizes any risk of fall or injury. Our specialized ladders have padded standoffs which means the ladder rests against the roof and not the gutters. When you use a regular ladder you risk falling off and injuring yourself. 

Having a Gutter Cleaning Charleston service can help you better prepare for hurricane season. We hand clean all gutters to ensure all debris is removed. We then bag all debris up and remove it from your property. Our service will remove any oxidation streaks deposited on gutter facings. We also use a diluted degreaser agent. The biggest benefit to having a professional clean your gutters is reducing the risk of damage to yourself or home. Gutter cleaning is far more important than it may seem. 

How To Schedule A Service?

Scheduling a Gutter Cleaning Charleston service begins with a phone call to our sales representative team. They will walk you through the entire process with extreme detail. Our team will help you find the best rate and date that works for you. After your service is booked you will receive a reminder email from our customer service team. If you happen to miss our email we will give you a reminder phone call the day of your service. If you’re busy at work we will leave you a quick voicemail. We understand life gets busy and it’s easy to forget certain things. 

Now it’s the day of your Gutter Cleaning Charleston service. Our team will introduce themselves on arrival and walk the perimeter to do an assessment. They will also explain what it is they will be doing so you have an understanding. Then we provide our service and take one last walk around the perimeter to inspect and ensure everything is in tip top shape. After your service you will receive a thank you phone call from our customer service team which is when we will then run your card on file. 

I think we can all agree that gutter cleaning can be a pain but is extremely necessary. To avoid danger or harm to yourself or home, you can reach out to Gutter Cleaning Charleston services to provide a thorough service. I hope you now feel informed on the importance of gutter cleaning and the risks behind not having a regular service. Feel free to go online at or give us a call at 843-790-8447. We look forward to hearing from you!