How Often Do My Gutters Need Cleaning?

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Have you had your gutters cleaned recently? Gutter Cleaning Greenville would like to use this article to teach you of the importance of gutter cleaning. During this article you will learn how often you should have them cleaned and the importance of doing so. Gutter cleaning is very important for many reasons. If you would like to speed things along you can go online to or give us a call at 252-565-4754.

How Often Do I Need A Gutter Cleaning?

Gutter Cleaning Greenville NC service recommends having your gutters cleaned twice a year. We recommend once in June or July and once in December or January. This is because the leaves tend to be done falling for the seasons. In the winter months the trees are practically barren. During the summer months, by June or July, the leaves are done falling and back to their lively green color.

During the summer months, we deal with hurricanes. Having a Gutter Cleaning Greenville Greenville NC service is a great way to prepare for hurricanes. Maintaining a regular gutter cleaning can save you from having lots of damage. Gutters get easily clogged from debris they collect. This can cause flooding. Hurricane force winds cause the leaves and extra debris to fly everywhere, but your gutter’s main purpose is to collect the debris. When they have been recently cleaned there’s more room for the water and debris to flow freely There are so many benefits to gutter cleaning that we will go over throughout this article.

What Services Are Provided?

When you get a Gutter Cleaning Greenville NC service, you are getting the most thorough cleaning you can imagine. We clean all gutters and roof valleys out by hand. For underground leader cleaning, we jet them with our snake system. This ensures that the water can flow freely through the system. We do this to ensure proper drainage. Our team wants to make sure everything is running smoothly for you. Your landscape will not be disturbed and the downspouts will be flushed out.

Gutter Cleaning Greenville NC uses padded ladder standoffs which rest against the roof rather than the gutters. This way we don’t damage your roof at all. Our padded standoffs are a safe alternative to having someone spot you from the ground. At the end of your service we bag all the debris and remove it from your property. This debris will then be used as a compost or in wooded areas around town. It is used as a compost because it’s good for seedlings to sprout and encourage growth.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many different benefits to having a Gutter Cleaning Greenville NC service. One of the main benefits is it’s much safer to hire a professional rather than doing it yourself. Cleaning your own gutters means you need someone to spot you on the ladder. Falls from ladders result in hospital visits which can be very expensive. More than one hundred people are fatally injured while at least one thousand are hospitalized a year. Save yourself the risk of being one in a hundred or one in a thousand.

During the winter months, ice is your biggest threat. When water gets clogged in your gutters, the water will freeze inside. Ice can push apart the shingles on the roof which allows for water damage to the roof. This can cause damage to your roof and cause extra weight to the gutters resulting in a possible collapse in the gutters.

Did you know that pests like rodents, snakes and insects can inhabit the buildup inside the gutters. Snakes can be venomous which is highly dangerous. No one wants to be walking to their car when a snake falls on their head. Insects like mosquitoes can build a nest. I personally hate mosquitos. They buzz around and bite leaving behind itchy, painful welts. They are the only terrible thing about summer. Rodents carry infectious disease. They are the reason for the Bubonic Plague. It’s best to just keep your gutters cleaned to prevent these creepy crawlers from inhabiting these areas.

Why Hire A Professional?

Hiring a professional helps ensure your safety. Gutter Cleaning Greenville NC services are properly trained and have the right tools to have a successful cleaning job. When you hire a professional you are saving energy and money. You can guarantee your gutters are free of all debris and you don’t even have to worry about disposal of the debris afterward. You’ll be able to enjoy your day off relaxing with loved ones. Having a proper service done saves you the risk of having to replace your gutters. Improper cleaning leads to damages, leading to a possible break.

How To Book A Cleaning Service.

The first step to booking with Gutter Cleaning Greenville NC service starts with a simple phone call to our sales representative. If you would prefer to use our website, you are able to book a service online. Our sales representative will check to see if there are any current specials running. They will always try to give you the best rate and deal. Then once we confirm your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email two days before. If you miss this email, we will leave you a reminder phone call and voicemail.

Now is the day of your service. Gutter Cleaning Greenville NC service. We will arrive and introduce ourselves, then take a tour of the property to get a better idea. Our team will go over everything step by step with you so you have a better understanding. Once we have finished we will take another lap around to ensure no ends were missed. After our service, we will give you a thank you call to show our appreciation. I think it’s safe to agree, hiring a professional is the safest option. We look forward to hearing from you! We can be reached at or by telephone 252-565-4754.