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This content was written for Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning.

Not all companies are cut from the same cloth. At gutter cleaning Kiawah Island SC we are one class act and above all of the rest. Our company is locally owned and operated and has been in the industry for thirty amazing years. We come highly rated and are extremely sought after. Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent service and the best high quality workmanship around. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! We take the time to listen to your concerns and then answer all of your questions. If you would like to read more about our company, then take a look at our website at and you can contact us at 843-790-8447 by phone.

Gutter cleaning Kiawah Island SC is not any ordinary company. Our founder started out when he was only 17 years old. You can meet him, Gabe Salinas, when you check out the Window Ninjas website in person in a video that he produced just for you. We also take the time to donate one dollar from every customer’s invoice to a global initiative called that helps those that need access to fresh water. Not many companies can say that they are making a difference like that or taking the time to serve others around the world. If you have never used our company before, then you are definitely in for a treat.

How Does Gutter Cleaning Benefit You

First of all, the main reason that folks have gutters installed on their property is to move water away from the foundation. After all, we don’t want to live with a moat around the house. Do we? Water damage from heavy rain can come in different shapes and sizes to your property so keeping a handle is the number one key. Your home is usually your biggest investment piece so taking the time to look after it is important. The pros at gutter cleaning Kiawah Island SC recommend that you have gutter cleaning done at least twice a year, but sometimes it is necessary to do it more often. You can always talk with our customer service reps about your situation and we can come up with a plan together that best fits your needs.

Trees and the weather can dump a lot of debris into your gutters throughout the year. Besides that animals and birds can create nests and hide seeds within your gutters that cause gutter clogs. Water can not flow properly when you have gutter clogs. To keep from having water damage to the inside of your home it is a good idea to have your gutters cleaned and inspected as stated above. Our pros at gutter cleaning Kiawah Island SC clean gutters out by hand. We are not in the habit of using fancy gadgets to impress you.

We have systems in place though that make the way we clean gutters look easy and it is very efficient. We even flush out the gutters and downspouts with water from a waterhose to make sure every single piece of debris is removed. Your roof will also be swept free of debris. We leave no stone unturned as the saying goes.

Gutter cleaning saves you time. We are pretty sure that we can do the job faster than the average person can and with much more detail. We also bag the debris and take it off site. We don’t throw it down onto your landscaping where it looks bad and doesn’t match. It is in a decomposing state so that is a very unclassy thing to do.

Gutter cleaning improves the curb appeal of your property. You know the worst thing ever is to see gutters overflowing with leaves and those that have gone so far to have sprouted a tree or so. You know when a tree sprouts that the debris has been sitting for a long time indeed. The heaviness of the gutter debris is bad for your gutter because it can fall away from the fascia of your home. If you see leaves hanging out of your gutters and you don’t have time to take care of the mess, then give the pros at gutter cleaning Kiawah Island SC a call for help.


Window Ninjas central is very safety minded and we train all of our employees to think “Safety First”. Although we carry commercial insurance we don’t want anyone getting hurt on the job. We take every precaution to make sure that does not happen and have regular safety training with our team. While on the job site our pros use ladder stabilizers and ladder pads so that we don’t dent your roofing shingles when we need to be up there. Amateurs who are not aware may not know to use these effective tools. The ladder stabilizers also keep our pros from sliding from side to side when reaching out to get gutter debris from inside of the gutter.

Ladder climbing is a risky business for some people. If you are afraid of heights or have fallen off of a ladder in the past, then we don’t recommend that you take these risks. Hire the pros to do it for you. Ladders can also be heavy to haul around and tricky to place in various spots. All of our employees are trained how to do ladder carrying and placement before they go out on a job so they don’t hurt themselves or your property.

Reaching Out To Us

The pros at gutter cleaning Kiawah Island SC would love to show you what a great job we can do for you. When you reach out to us you will receive a free quote and speak to one of our friendly service reps at 843-790-8447. You can also find us on our bright and shiny website at We look forward to hearing from you and remember to keep shining!