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Are your gutters full? Gutter cleaning Kiawah Island SC is ready right now to help get your gutters back in shape for spring. Did you know that letting your gutters get out of hand can cost you more in the longrun? Water damage is the biggest enemy that clogged gutters can cause and that’s the number one reason that we have gutters installed on homes in the first place. Gutters are to help water move away from the foundation of the property to keep from having water damage. Give us a call now and let us get you a free quote at 843-790-8447 or stop by on our awesome website at

Gutter cleaning Kiawah Island SC recommends that gutter cleaning be done twice a year, but if your gutters require more gutter cleaning then let’s get it done. Some folks do theirs once every quarter. Trees and the weather can throw a lot of debris into your gutters and it is very important to keep them cleaned out so that water can keep flowing when it rains. If we have a particularly rainy year, then watch out. Your gutters need to be clear and free and ready for the onslaught.

Damage Control

Water damage can be costly. It can cost you damage to the foundation of your home. That great looking basement or man cave that you have going on could be seeing some water flowing down the walls. Yikes! Your best bet against that painful sight is by having the pros at gutter cleaning Kiawah Island SC to be your best friend. Basement water damage can be a big deal and cost alot.

Water can also come in the form of interior damage to the walls and ceilings of the main part of the house. You see when water from clogged gutters gets backed up then it can go under the shingles and flow across a ceiling and down walls. Talk about a nightmare. Mildew can set in and sheetrock damage can as well. You can see where this is going. Repairing sheetrock, painting, and all that fun stuff means money.

The bottom line is spending some money on maintaining your gutters is probably going to cost you less in the long term than the headache and cost of water damage. Homeowner’s insurance does not usually cover the cost of negligence. That only covers acts of mother nature and failing components of the home if it is still within the home’s warranty. It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that leaving your home to rot away is going to lead to bigger problems. Be proactive and take charge of what needs to take place before the price is too high.

How We Clean Gutters

Gutter cleaning Kiawah Island SC cleans gutters out by hand and then we put the debris into buckets, then the debris goes into trash bags to be hauled off site. We don’t place debris into the landscape of the property as it does not match and it is in a decomposing state. We put it into some other wooded site somewhere off site where it can continue to decompose back into the environment. We also clean away any debris that is left on your roof from the wind and has accumulated between the eaves and other areas where trees have dropped limbs and twigs.

It is important to make sure that water is used from a waterhose to flush out the gutters and downspouts to ensure that all debris is gone. Since the downspouts can not be looked into a gutter clog within them is possible and some water may flush it out.

Our team uses ladders and stabilizers with bumper guards so as to not dent your shingles when we are cleaning out the gutters or on the roof. Safety is key for our employees at Window Ninjas. We hope that if you are leary of climbing ladders that you are not taking risks. The pros at gutter cleaning Kiawah Island SC are expert ladder climbers and great at placing ladders in difficult positions to reach areas others can not.


Gutter cleaning improves the curb appeal of your property instantly. Leaves and twigs hanging from within them make your home look sad and lonely. Getting professional help with gutter cleaning frees you up to do other things that are less taxing and don’t get you dirty. Yes, gutter cleaning can be a dirty job. Gutter cleaning prevents water damage to your foundation and the interior of the home.

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