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Gutter Cleaning Leland | A Little Bit Of Gutter History

This content was written for Window Ninjas  Window & Pressure Cleaning.

Your gutters help keep your house safe during storms by  allowing water to flow away from your property. A gutter cleaning Leland service ensures that they are working efficiently and properly. Without gutters water will back up onto your roof, siding, and landscape and even seep into your foundation. Gutters are extremely important for your home but unfortunately many homeowners overlook them until they are experiencing problems! But when and where did they originate? During the Norman Empire’s rule between the 10th and 13th centuries gutter systems were integrated into the architecture. Many structures were rebuilt with stone roofs and parapets with gargoyles. The water would flow from the roof down and out of the mouths of these gargoyles!  The Tower of London was one of the buildings with early gutters, and King Henry III asked the keeper of the works at the tower to extend its lead gutters to keep its beautiful white walls protected. This paved the way for the first efficient downspouts! Even back then ensuring that these Cutters were clean and efficient was always important. so he is ready to get your gutters cleaned now, give us a call today at 910-538-4223 or visit our wonderful website at for all your gutter cleaning needs!

Gutter cleaning Leland services will ensure that your gutters are up and in perfect working condition and are looking beautiful while they’re doing it. To work properly your gutters need regular maintenance. They must be free of any leaves, branches or other debris as when these items build up water will overflow onto your siding and back up onto the roof when it rains. Over time this will result in damage to different parts of your exterior as well as your foundation. It can also cause mold which can be a health safety hazard for you and your family as well.

We are very big on safety. Window Ninjas   in our experience ensure that we are safe in what we do. This work can be quite dangerous for you, especially a lot of work without a partner to help. We also have insurance that covers us for our work and workers compensation so if we happen to get hurt will actually pay less than you would if you did.

For your safety it’s best to hire a professional when having your gutters cleaned. Climbing the ladder can be dangerous for those who don’t have the right training or experience. You can also risk damaging your gutters by attempting to clean them yourself! So just make sure to hire a reputable contractor for your gutter repair and replacement needs! We recommend having your roof and gutters cleaned at least twice a year once in June or July and once in December or January. The timing of this is because all  or most of the debris from the season has already fallen from the trees above. So give us a call and schedule your gutter cleaning Leland appointment for December today! 

Why choose Window Ninjas  ? Well if you’re a visual person like me I suggest you follow our Instagram which is a great place to keep up with our company as we post pictures of jobs that we’ve done in the past here. We are very satisfied with the before and after photos posted and you can see what results you can expect when working with us here. We also have a Facebook which is another great place to keep up with our company and stay up-to-date on any deals or specials that we may have going on. Will post updates of services on here in a few pictures as well. Lastly we also have a YouTube channel where we post videos of jobs that we found in the past that can be quite satisfying to watch. This is another great place to keep up with our company and see what we’re doing around your town. Once you’ve looked over our social media, you can reach us at 910-538-4223 for all your gutter cleaning Leland needs! 

We have amazing reviews in basically every location and we believe that reviews are the best way to tell what working with the company is like. You will get to see the experiences of others and how we deal with any criticism or complaints that we may have. We will always make decisions for our company based on the experiences of others. In the past, it was always friends, neighbors, and family who told you about new businesses, and now you have the entire Internet with a broad perspective for more representation of each company. We are highly rated and loved by all and cannot wait to service you and your property.

We will always arrive in a branded van to all gutter cleaning Leland services. We also arrive in full uniform to ensure we have a professional appearance. Our employees in vehicles were always easily recognizable when showing up to your home or business! This means no confusion from people at home, neighbors, or even customers. We are also fully licensed, insured and bonded, so we have ourselves and you protected in that sense as well. We also carry Workman’s Compensation for all of our employees! We ask that you do not do business with someone that is unlicensed or uninsured, as it is a minimum requirement to be a professional service provider.

Now that you know a little bit more about gutter cleaning and about us here at Window Ninjas  we hope that you choose us to be your one trusted company for all of your needs. We cannot wait to service your property and leave your gutter shining in a way that you’ve never seen before and a smile on your face.  we promise that you will not be left disappointed! You can reach us at 910-538-4223 or on our wonderful website at to schedule an appointment for your gutter cleaning Leland needs!