How Is It Unsafe To Clean Your Own Gutters?

This content was written for Window Ninjas Window and Pressure Cleaning.

As the time of year to clean your gutters grows closer, you should be informed so that you can make the best decision. Gutter Cleaning Nashville is a service that we offer. Our technicians are very trained and detail-oriented, and will leave your gutters in the newest condition you’ve ever seen them. Their number one priority is to get the job done right and keep your family safe and happy. So give us a call today at 615-988-6699 or visit us online at to schedule your service.

What are some of the consequences of not cleaning your gutters?

When it comes to Gutter Cleaning Nashville, you should never skip out. A regular gutter cleaning service is far more important than most people realize. If your gutter is clogged, it will start to fill with all sorts of debris, rodents, water, and more. Eventually, your gutters will become so backed up that they will start to overflow onto your roof. This will cause flooding on the roof, and can cause damage to the structure of it. This can create a hole in your roof, causing insulation issues and even leaks. The last thing you want to do is replace a roof as it costs far more than simply having your gutters regularly serviced.

Not cleaning your gutters can also lead to infestation and illness. Dirty gutters are commonly home to rats, insects, birds, and a variety of diseases from rodents. Eventually, your house could become overrun with spiders, roaches, or ants among other things. You could also end up with disease-ridden rats in your house. What was once just a dirty gutter can turn into a several day gassing of your home in order to rid it of unwanted pests. Although many of these creatures are important to the environment, they are no good for your personal property. Many of these pests carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Rats can carry monkeypox, rabies, and they can cause rat bite fever. The last thing you or your family want is to fall ill to one of these nasty illnesses. Gutter Cleaning Nashville is here to ensure that you and your loved ones do not fall ill.

Why shouldn’t you clean your own gutters?

There are many reasons why you should let professionals handle your Gutter Cleaning Nashville needs. One reason is that, as professionals, we can get the job done in the best and most efficient way. Our methods are tested and proven to leave your gutters running smoothly. There is also risk when it comes to cleaning gutters on your own. Without proper training, you are much more likely to clog your gutters in the process of trying to clean them. It is easy to miss spots when it comes to gutter cleaning, especially if you do not properly test the gutters before you finish. The number one reason why you should leave Gutter Cleaning Nashville up to the professionals is the dangers of using a ladder. Most families do not own a house safe ladder. A ladder without the proper padding can put holes in the siding or roof of your house, and can also tear down your gutter system. The ladder is not only dangerous to your home, but also to you. There are over 164,000 emergency room visits a year due to falling off of a ladder. This statistic is only including the US, so imagine how many there are across the world. Of this 164,000, there are around 300 deaths. This is why our technicians’ most important training course is related to safety. Household maintenance jobs are much more dangerous than people realize, especially when a ladder is used. So don’t risk injury that could make it harder for you to care for your family. Let Window Ninjas handle the dirty work, while you enjoy time with your family.

How are gutters cleaned?

At Window Ninjas, all gutters are cleaned by hand. This is the only way to guarantee that no dirt, grime, or mold is left behind. The first step of Gutter Cleaning Nashville is cleaning all gutters and roof valleys by hand. All downspouts will also be cleared, as we are sure to do a very thorough job. Our technicians use padded ladder standoffs to protect your home from a heavy metal ladder leaning against it. Your gutter system is always tested by dropping a golf ball down it. This is the best way to be certain that your gutters are draining perfectly and nothing is stuck or hidden inside of them. The debris from the gutter cleaning is bagged up and removed from your property. Because we care about the environment, decomposable debris will be dumped in a heavily wooded area in order to replenish the Earth’s soil. No Landscaping will be disturbed during the process, so your house will look the same as it did before but your gutters will drain smoothly.

When Gutter Cleaning Nashville, we also offer underground leader cleaning and gutter facing cleaning. For underground leader cleaning, your underground leaders are rinsed and jetted with a snake-like system to ensure proper water flow. We will flush your downspouts and work around your landscaping so that your yard still looks great but you are leaders drain properly. Gutter facing cleaning is when the outside of your gutter system is cleaned. Oxidation causes a streaky look on gutters that, over time, can become impossible to remove. We use a diluted degreaser and scrub the gutter facings by hand to remove oxidation streaks. This will leave the outside of your gutters just as clean as the insides. If this is your first time getting your gutters serviced, we recommend scheduling the whole package. start off with everything, and all that is left from there is upkeep.

With our technicians thorough training and expertise, there is no one better for Gutter Cleaning Nashville. They love to keep your city clean, safe, and beautiful. We are passionate about clean gutters, so let us show you what you’ve been missing. Schedule your service with us online at or give us a call at 615-988-6699.