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If you were thinking about getting a gutter cleaning service, we know you may have many questions. you can stop worrying however, because we wrote this article to better inform you on gutter cleaning Southport services and the benefits of them. We hope this article will give you all of the information that you need to make a confident decision about gutter cleaning services and your needs! You can reach us at 910-538-4223 or on as well!

How Often Should A Gutter Cleaning Service Be Completed?

Many recommend having a gutter cleaning Southport service done at least twice a year; we recommend once in June or July and once in December or January. The timing of this is because during this time of year all or most of the debris has fallen from the trees above for the season. It is also recommended that you have your gutters cleaned before any known hurricanes or large storms that you are aware of, especially if you have not had them done in the last 6 months. The reasoning for this is because storms can cause a large amount of debris to come down onto the roof which can clog your gutters especially if there is already debris there.

Gutter Cleaning Services:

There are three main Services included in our services. These Services include the standard gutter cleaning, and underground leader clearing, and gutter facing cleaning! Each of these Services have a different procedure and provide different results.

1.) Standard Gutter Cleaning Southport Service:

For our standard gutter cleaning service we clean out all gutters and roof valleys by hand and clear all of the downspouts as well. We use a padded ladder standoff so that our ladder rests against the roof and not your gutters. All of the debris that we remove will be bagged up and removed from the property and taken off-site to a wooded area where it can decompose naturally. Your Landscaping will not be disturbed and all down south will be flushed to ensure there is proper drainage.

2.) Underground Leader Clearing Service:

For this service all underground leaders are jetted with our specially designed snake system to ensure there is a proper water flow. They are then flushed to ensure there is proper drainage and your Landscaping will be left undisturbed. all downspouts are also flushed to ensure proper drainage after every service.

3.) Gutter Facing Cleaning Service:

For gutter facing cleaning depending on the severity and length of time that the oxidation streaks have been present there may still be some residual stains. We clean all gutter facings by hand using a diluted Degreaser agent which will remove oxidation streaks deposited on gutter facings.

Benefits Of Gutter Cleaning Services:

Having a gutter cleaning Southport service regularly can prevent the destruction of your Landscaping. We understand that Landscaping is a critical process that improves the Aesthetics of your home. Other than just adding Beauty to your home the Landscaping also enhances the value of your home, regulates temperature and improves your home’s comfort and livability. Unmanaged water from clogged gutters causes soil erosion that can sweep away your cherished flowers and even uproot the trees, bushes and other plants that you choose for your Landscaping.

Clean efficient gutters and downspouts will channel the rain water away from your home and Landscaping eliminating the soil erosion and any other damage that may be associated with the unmanaged water flow. In certain situations the water can also be purposely channeled into certain Waterbeds and Gardens to help eliminate the need for watering.

Having your gutters cleaned regularly will also increase the lifespan of your gutters as dirty gutters accumulate debris and other particulates that can add unnecessary weight. As a result this may cause the gutters to detach from the fascia boards and fall off. The organic matter in a clogged gutter can also cause rusting and corrosion, Also causing more problems for you to the homeowner.

Unmanaged gutters can stain the fascia boards from water overflow and cause them to rot making the gutters fall off and detach from the home. Issues like this reduce the Integrity of your structure and can be seen as irresponsibility of the homeowner. If you are looking to sell your home, clogged gutters will cause your home to have a lower value and may take longer to attract a buyer. For these reasons you should consider cleaning your gutters regularly especially if you are planning to sell your building.

Finally, gutter cleaning is also a great way to improve your roof’s lifespan. Not only can unmanaged water seep into your roof during the warmer seasons, but it can cause a lot more damage in the colder, freezing months! Clogged gutters will trap ice adding unnecessary weight and stress on your roof and the fascia boards.clogged gutters will also not drain the water as intended so when the water freezes it will move your shingles apart opening a new way for roof leaks. Clean gutters will allow for ice and water to flow easily from your roof eliminating excess weight and pooling of water.

Final Thoughts:

There are three main gutter cleaning services available with window ninjas including our standard gutter cleaning Southport service, our underground leader clearing and our gutter facing cleaning service. There are also many benefits that come with getting your gutters cleaned like improving your roof’s lifespan along with your gutters as well. Having a gutter cleaning service will also prevent the destruction of your landscaping.

There are many reasons to get a gutter cleaning Southport service with window ninjas and we hope that this article helps you better in your decision-making process. We cannot wait to serve as your home and leave your gutters looking brand new and working properly for you. If you are ready to schedule a service or would like to speak to one of our call center Representatives you can reach us at 910-538-4223 or on our wonderful website at!