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Gutter Cleaning Southport | Hurricanes And Clogged Gutters

This content was written for Window Ninjas  Window & Pressure Cleaning.

There are so many reasons why you should have your gutters professionally cleaned twice a year, and sometimes more! Getting a gutter cleaning Southport service will ensure that your gutters are in great condition and are ready to take on any and all water from your roof! We recommend that you get your gutters cleaned in June or July and December or January, this is because during this time, all or most of the debris has fallen for the season from the trees above. We also recommend having them cleaned before any big storms or hurricanes as they can bring down a ton of debris, and if your gutters are already clogged, or close to it, your home won’t stand a chance against the water damages! So give us a call today at 910-538-4223 or visit our wonderful website at for all your gutter cleaning needs! 

Before Hurricane Florence of 2018, my family neglected to get a gutter cleaning Southport service, as we were more worried about boarding up our windows, and collecting all the supplies we would need to ride out the storm. Little did we know, one of the back downspouts was clogged and caused massive flooding in the back corner of our house during the storm.  When preparing for the hurricane we hadn’t quite thought about checking our downspouts and gutters as we had done them earlier in the year. As soon as the storm began our backyard did begin to flood but this was normal because we had a lot of low spots. We didn’t really think anything of it until the water began getting really close to the house. At this point we were unable to do anything about it as the storm had begun to pick up. The hurricane sat over Wilmington for roughly 5 days, and caused a lot of devastation. By the time the hurricane was over and everyone was allowed back out of their homes the entire back bedroom of our house had flooded and become waterlogged. Within just a couple of days there was mold growing in the walls so we had to move out and lose one of our favorite homes. Had we had a gutter cleaning service as part of our hurricane preparations, we would still be living in that home today.

For all gutter cleaning Southport services we clean all gutters & Roofing valleys out by hand and your downspouts will be cleared as well. All debris will be bagged up as we go, and then taken off site to a wooded area where it can decompose naturally and become compost for other plants. We are all about helping the environment here at Window Ninjas ,  and this is just one way that we do it. We also have an underground leader clearing service in which the leaders are jetted with our specially designed snake system. They are then flushed to ensure proper drainage! Your Landscaping is left undisturbed and all downspout so we flush to ensure proper drainage after every service. we will drop a weighted object like a golf ball for instance down your downspout to ensure that there is no debris left inside of it.

So why choose Window Ninjas ? Firstly, we have amazing customer service here at Windows Ninjas! Our sales team has great customer service and are ready to answer any questions that you may have when scheduling your appointment. They can walk you through the quick and easy process and get all the information that they need to schedule your appointment on a day and time that is right for you. We also have the most friendly and customer service oriented technicians around! They have been well trained in what they do, and always make sure to walk the property with you before and after your services, and if you are not there, we can send you pictures! They are very personable and easy to talk to, so don’t worry if you have anxiety like me. They make it quite easy to get your job done and I have to fight about anything. We also have amazing customer service representatives that will give you reminder emails two days before your service, a reminder call the day before your service in a follow up call the day after to make sure the service went well for you. We do this not only to ensure that everything went well, but also to make sure that we can run your credit card as we will not run any credit cards before we talk to you and make it last contact after your gutter cleaning Southport service.

Secondly, we have amazing reviews in basically every location and we believe that reviews are the best way to tell what working with the company is like. You will get to see the experiences of others and how we deal with any criticism or complaints that we may have. We will always make decisions for our company based on the experiences of others. In the past, it was always friends, neighbors, and family who told you about new businesses, and now you have the entire Internet with a broad perspective for more representation of each company. We are highly rated and loved by all and cannot wait to service you and your property. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and schedule your gutter cleaning appointment! 

Lastly, we will always arrive in a branded van to all gutter cleaning Southport services. We also arrive in full uniform to ensure we have a professional appearance. Our employees in vehicles were always easily recognizable when showing up to your home or business! This means no confusion from people at home, neighbors, or even customers.

Now that you have all the information that you need to make an informed decision we hope that you choose Window Ninjas  to be the one trusted company for you. You can reach us at 910-538-4223 or on our wonderful website at for all your gutter cleaning Southport needs!