Gutter Clog Problems

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Gutter cleaning maintenance is great for several reasons. The gutter cleaning Wilmington service gives you the option to wipe out problems before they start by getting rid of gutter clogs. Those gutter clogs can cause water damage to your home. But if you keep your gutters cleaned out as recommended twice a year or even quarterly if needed, then you are hindering gutter clogs. Gutter cleaning maintenance by our pros frees you up to do other things. As gutter cleaning takes time and can be hazardous due to climbing ladders our pros can alleviate the hazards for you and give you more time. If you are strapped for time and need some help getting your gutters back into shape, then let us lend you a hand. Our quotes are free and you are not obligated to hire us or sign a gutter cleaning contract. We don’t use contracts. To reach our team to get started give us a call at 910-538-4223 or stop by on our website at

Gutter cleaning Wilmington has been doing gutter cleaning for a long time. We have tons of experience and knowledge getting things done right and doing it faster than the average Joe or Jane. We are also fully insured and bonded. Why do you want to take the risks of climbing ladders or being up on a roof? Your spouse is probably secretly having a heart attack each time you are out trying to clean your gutters by yourself. Gutter cleaning is a dirty job too. Do you like getting dirty and getting bogged down taking the time you have free to do your own gutter cleaning if you have it to give? Most sane folks would say “No”! Gutter cleaning is actually pretty reasonable to hire out.

Gutter Clogs Problems

The problems that you can encounter by letting your gutters get clogged can cost you a lot down the road. For instance, water damage can go one of two ways. Water can either get backed up and go under the roof shingles and appear to you on your home’s ceiling and walls. Or the water can overflor over the gutters and cause damage to your foundation. This type of damage can cause problems to your home’s basement or crawl space. Mold and mildew growth will surely be the effect of damage to either of these sites if water gets inside your home. Getting this damage repaired could cost you who knows how much to hire a pro to remove rotten materials, replace those materials, and get rid of your mold and mildew problems. Gutter cleaning Wilmington can save you a lot of money if you use our service by alleviating these problems for you.

Another type of gutter clog problem would be caused by having your gutters become too heavy to hold the amount of debris inside of them. This could cause your gutters to sag and fall away from the fascia boards of your home. Imagine having to explain to a gutter repairman why your gutters are all wonky? This is also going to cost you some money to get fixed. At gutter cleaning Wilmington we want to help you stay informed of the importance of keeping your gutters cleaned out regularly. Letting them get out of hand is definitely not a good idea.

Another reason not to let your gutters get full is because water can’t flow through properly. When our experts come to clean out your gutters not only do they inspect your gutters for clogs, but they check for areas that need repairs. If there are any places that need such help, then they will inform you so that your gutters can get fixed. We all want our gutters to be in great shape so that the next time we have a heavy rain shower they can move all of that water through and away from the house.

Debris from leaves, twigs and fallen branches is not your only enemy when dealing with your gutters. Small animals and birds will also create a mess for you on the inside of your gutters. Birds will make nests and squirrels will bring in seeds and nuts to hide. This will create other unforeseen gutter clogs for you. As long as you are being vigilant about maintaining your gutters by cleaning them out then you won’t have any problems.

How We Clean Out Gutters

Gutter cleaning Wilmington cleans out gutters by hand. The gutter debris is then placed into buckets which is later put into trash bags to be hauled off site. We do not throw gutter debris down into your landscaping or surrounding grounds as it does not match and looks bad. Later we will take the trash bags to a wooden area and remove the gutter debris to continue to decompose in a natural landscape. Our pros will also get onto the roof and remove any debris that has fallen onto the roof as many times it will not fall on its own.

Once all of the gutter debris has been safely removed from the inside of the gutters, then our pros will use a water hose to rinse down the inside of the gutters. This will ensure that the gutters are totally cleaned out and that water runs through the downspouts properly.

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