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When it comes to gutter cleaning we know there can be a lot of questions involved and swirling around your mind. That’s completely normal, however, we want to be here to help ensure that that is not something that happens to you while scheduling your gutter cleaning Wilmington services. we want you to feel well informed in your decision-making process and confident in the choice that you choose. That is why we are here! If you would rather speak to someone over the phone you can reach us at 910-538-4223 or if you’d like to go ahead and request a service you can reach us at!

How Often Should You Get A Gutter Cleaning Wilmington Service?

We recommend having your gutters cleaned twice a year once in June or July and once in December or January. This timing is because during this time all or most of the debris has fallen from the trees above for the season. We also recommend having your gutters cleaned before any hurricanes or large storms especially if you haven’t had them done in the last 6 months.

What Do Storms And Hurricanes Have To Do With Gutters?

They tie in because the storms cause large amounts of debris to come down onto your roof, effectively clogging your gutters. When you think of hurricanes you normally think of the storm surge flooding, lots of rain and wind, and downed debris including branches and whole trees. However there are also other dangers when it comes to debris and hurricanes. Most people don’t think about it but your gutters usually have a decent amount of debris in them around hurricane season as most people usually get their gutters cleaned out in June or July and December or January. hurricane season brings along tons of debris and leaves into your gutters, which in the long run, causes clogging! This can be dangerous as these clogs, along with large amounts of rain can mean flooding inside your home!

My family learned this the hard way as we lost our home to Hurricane Florence in 2018. one of the back downspouts was clogged and caused massive flooding in the back corner of our house. When preparing for the hurricane we hadn’t quite thought about checking our downspouts and gutters as we had done them earlier in the year. As soon as the storm began our backyard did begin to flood but this was normal because we had a lot of low spots. We didn’t really think anything of it until the water began getting really close to the house. At this point we were unable to do anything about it as the storm had begun to pick up. The hurricane sat over Wilmington for roughly 5 days, and caused a lot of devastation. By the time the hurricane was over and everyone was allowed back out of their homes the entire back bedroom of our house had flooded and become waterlogged. Within just a couple of days there was mold growing in the walls so we had to move out and lose one of our favorite homes. Had we had a gutter cleaning Wilmington service as part of our hurricane preparations, we would still be living in that home today.

How Are Gutters Cleaned?

For all gutter cleaning Wilmington services we clean all gutters & Roofing valleys out by hand and your downspouts will be cleared as well. All debris will be bagged up as we go, and then taken off site to a wooded area where it can decompose naturally and become compost for other plants. We are all about helping the environment here at Window Ninjas, and this is just one way that we do it.

We also have an underground leader clearing service in which the leaders are jetted with our specially designed snake system. They are then flushed to ensure proper drainage! Your Landscaping is left undisturbed and all downspout so we flush to ensure proper drainage after every service. we will drop a weighted object like a golf ball for instance down your downspout to ensure that there is no debris left inside of it.

What Are The Benefits Of A Gutter Cleaning Wilmington service?

Getting your gutters cleaned regularly will increase the lifespan of your gutters as dirty gutters accumulate debris and other particulates that can add unnecessary weight. As a result this may cause the gutters to detach from the fascia boards and fall off. The organic matter in a clogged gutter can also cause rusting and corrosion, Also causing more problems for you to the homeowner.

Gutter cleaning is also a great way to improve your roof’s lifespan. Not only can un-managed water seep into your roof during the warmer seasons, but it can cause a lot more damage in the colder, freezing months! Clogged gutters will trap ice adding unnecessary weight and stress on your roof and the fascia boards.clogged gutters will also not drain the water as intended so when the water freezes it will move your shingles apart opening a new way for roof leaks. Clean gutters will allow for ice and water to flow easily from your roof eliminating excess weight and pooling of water.

Un-managed gutters can stain the fascia boards from water overflow and cause them to rot making the gutters fall off and detach from the home. Issues like this reduce the Integrity of your structure and can be seen as irresponsibility of the homeowner. If you are looking to sell your home, clogged gutters will cause your home to have a lower value and may take longer to attract a buyer. For these reasons you should consider cleaning your gutters regularly especially if you are planning to sell your building.

Final Thoughts:

When you need help in the decision-making process for your gutter cleaning Wilmington services, we are here to assist you! Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may still have over the phone at 910-538-4223, or you can visit our website,, for more information.