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Myrtle Beach Window Cleaning | Windows: Your Secret Weapon

This content was written for Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning.

Windows can be such an underrated part of your house. They facilitate the entry of natural light into your dwelling, they allow you and your family members to enjoy looking out into the outside world and they help to keep your home properly ventilated. Windows are also energy efficient and can increase your vitamin D absorption. There is also a lot of research behind the topic of windows and psychology. It is actually a part of our DNA to enjoy and crave sunlight, and windows make that possible, which is why homes and businesses with few windows look silly, but homes and businesses with lots of windows look natural and cool. There are numerous studies that link emotions and sunlight. And what they found is that if we are denied the warm rays of sunshine for too long, then we can become emotionally unhealthy and unstable. Because of this, windows are actually your secret weapon when it comes to your emotional health. Be sure to call our team at 843-212-0794 or go online to our website where you can fill out a service request form, and we will get you scheduled for a Myrtle Beach window cleaning appointment as soon as possible. Keep shining! 

As I mentioned above, windows are very important because they can influence our mental state and overall well being. Things such as seasonal affective disorder exist because the winter months often come with more gloomy and overcast days then the summer months, which is why many people can’t stand winter. Windows serve an incredibly important role because they allow us to live in structures and still continue to absorb and receive those incredible sun rays. However, when your windows are dirty, the amount of natural light that would normally filter into your home is restricted by dirt, dist, pollen and carbon pollution buildup. Fear not, because a Myrtle Beach window cleaning service from Window Ninjas can kick all of that grime to the curb and leave you with beautifully shining windows. Talking about that curb of yours, clean windows can also add curb appeal to your property. Windows are often the first thing people notice and see about your home, so best to keep them clean and sparkling. Overall, clean windows can drastically change the appearance of your home or business, so be sure to call us soon and we will get those windows shining brighter than the Chrysler Building! 

Okay, okay we get it, windows are important and they need to be cleaned on a regular basis, but do you know the best way to clean those windows? Well first thing’s first, you call Window Ninjas and we will set you up with our incredible Myrtle Beach window cleaning service. Second, we make sure to use the best of the best materials. We use deionized water, which is just a very pure form of water that will not leave behind any particles or hard water streaks. Our deionized water is also fed through an additional filtration system of ours just to make extra, extra sure that the water is the purest it can be. We also make sure to use water fed poles. Water fed poles are long, extendable poles with brush heads. Inside the pole is a pump system that dispenses the purified water on demand. The brush loosens the dust, dirt and pollen and the water washes it all away. We also use a cleaning solution. Our cleaning solution is anti-static, pH neutral and environmentally friendly. It won’t kill any of your plants and flowers, and it won’t harm the natural environment in any way shape or form. Our cleaning solution can keep your windows clean for longer because it will also repel future dirt, dust, pollen and carbon pollution buildup, which is an added bonus of ours. Our results will always wow you, so be sure to call us today and we will get you on the schedule as soon as possible. 

It is equally as important to get your windows cleaned by a professional as it is to have them cleaned in the first place. A window cleaning professional will know how best to clean your windows and will ensure that everything goes according to plan. A Window Ninjas technician will do all of this and more. Our Myrtle Beach window cleaning technicians will show up on time, wearing a clean and professional looking uniform, they will treat you with the utmost respect and they will do absolutely everything you ask of them. The then will leave you with windows that look brand spanking new. Lucky you! There is nothing our ninjas can’t do, so buckle up and prepare to be impressed. Our technicians also know how to safely handle themselves on a ladder and when conditions are unsafe for both themselves and you. Something that sets our company apart from the competition is that we are fully insured and bonded including employees compensation. What that means is that, should there be an accident while we are on your property, there will not be anything you have to worry about because we will take care of everything.

Window Ninjas has twenty five years of experience and we use every single one of those experience points to prove to our loyal customers that we are the best in the business. There is no other company like us and we will make sure you know that. When you book a service appointment with our Myrtle Beach window cleaning team you don’t just get our incredible service you get our entire team. Call our office anytime and our dedicated and hardworking sales team will answer any questions you may have and adjust your appointment if you need it, or even add services. We are always here to help you and will always try to solve any problems you may have. Call our office at 843-212-0794 or visit our website