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When your gutters overflow, you need a helping hand but want to know the cost first. That is where this article about gutter cleaning Charleston services and expenses from Window Ninjas comes in. You have full channels. You need help cleaning them out, whether because you don’t have the time to clean them yourself or you don’t feel comfortable climbing a ladder. Or maybe because you have a million other things to do. Our team has you covered! 

We know that cost is a significant factor in every decision you make, including your gutter cleaning Charleston services. This article is here to help inform you on the price of a professional quality gutter cleaning service. As well as to showcase why it’s better to leave this service to trained professionals. Whether that’s our team or another, so let’s get started!

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Charleston Cost?

Let’s get right into it. The average cost of a gutter cleaning service with Window Ninjas is about $150 – $300. That said, your actual pricing is going to depend on several factors.

  • The square footage of your home – We use the square footage of your home to price out your gutter cleaning costs.
  • How many stories your home has – The higher up the gutters, the harder it may be for our technicians to gain access to them. 
  • If you have multiple levels of gutters – Say you have gutters on the second story of your home, plus gutters on the third story of your home. 
  • If you have gutter guards – Removal and re-installation of gutter guards is more time-consuming and complicated so it will cost more than regular gutters.
  • How many downspouts are there – Our technicians also clear all debris from your downspouts with every service!

The price of your gutter cleaning service will depend on the debris you have built up in your gutters. If you have regular leaves and pine straw in your gutters, that’s easier to clean out than gutters that have literal baby trees growing in them. Gutters that have been ignored for so long that are growing trees in them are much more challenging and time-consuming. Our technicians have to not only clear the debris but also pull out the entire root system. If you notice vegetation starting to grow in your gutters, don’t wait until the issue becomes too big!

plants growing in gutters

What Other Costs Are Associated With Gutter Cleaning?

We want to discuss the other costs associated with professional gutter cleaning Charleston services or the lack thereof. You can do gutter cleaning services or have a professional do them. If you decide to do them alone, you may fall from the ladder and have serious injuries. The possibility of falling from the ladder is relatively high as more than 100 people die from ladder-related injuries a year, and thousands more are injured. So the cost of a hospital bill can also be associated with gutter cleaning.

Another cost you would need to consider associated with gutter cleaning is replacing your gutters. Having to replace your gutters can happen for many reasons, including too much weight being in them for an extended period, causing them to detach and seedlings and saplings to grow through the gutters, causing damage. Both of these things happen from neglecting your drains and can cost quite a lot to repair. The cost of gutter installation can range anywhere from $880 to $2,490. Imagine paying that instead of the $150 to $300 service charge! 

gutter installation

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional For Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are beneficial for your home. Drains can prevent water damage from occurring with your foundation. And gutters can help keep your flower beds from eroding.  

However, if you choose to neglect your gutter cleaning needs, it can and will cost you more in the long run. A regular and routine gutter cleaning Charleston service at your home will keep many issues away.  

When looking for a company to help you with your gutter cleaning Charleston service needs, always look to a provider that will provide a service equally as beneficial. Professional gutter cleaning Charleston services Window Ninjas offer a win-win proposition for you and us! When working with our team, we constantly clean gutters by hand. And we dispose of debris collected from your channels, away from your dwelling, and in a natural area. We even provide a free roof inspection with all our gutter cleaning services. It is a visual inspection. However, it can save you tremendously if we notice any areas of concern. 

Final Thoughts

Consider our team when you find yourself in need of gutter cleaning Charleston service. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you when searching for a professional gutter cleaning service. Our team will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have concerning the service to remove debris from your gutters.  

At Window Ninjas, we deliver quality services at a fair and reasonable price. If you want more details about our services, let’s talk and discuss your needs. We are confident we can handle any questions and concerns. Our team is here for you when you find yourself in need of a Charleston gutter cleaning service. Please get in touch with us at 843-790-8447. Or browse our website at