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This content was written for Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning.

Windows are perhaps one of the easiest and best ways to boost your mood and productivity, but they are often overlooked and underappreciated. Many people like windows and want to live in homes and work in buildings that have a lot of windows to provide natural light. This is because sunshine equals happiness and there are many studies to support this notion. Therefore, when your windows are dirty they are not letting in as much light as they could be, which can lead to decreased productivity, grogginess and just a general feeling of being tired. As much as we want artificial light to be as successful as sunlight, the only thing artificial light provides us with is the ability to see better. Sunlight also gives us essential vitamins. If you have dirty windows or you have been feeling extra sleepy when you are at home, be sure to give our office a call at 843-212-0794 and we will set you up with a Pawleys Island window cleaning service. Our team is just a phone call away, so pick it up and you will see how your windows can wow you!

Window cleaning is a necessary part of your home maintenance and spring cleaning checklists, it may sound like a pain in the butt, but that is why you call Window Ninjas to do it for you. Window cleaning is a very important task, one that should not ever be overlooked, so call Window Ninjas and we will send a Pawleys Island window cleaning technician to your location at a time and date that is convenient for you. Clean windows equals more natural light, and more natural light equals increased productivity and overall happiness. There have been many studies that focus on the connection between sunlight and human emotions. These state that human beings are designed to crave sunlight and that sunlight not only provides us with the essential vitamin D, but that it can also boost our overall mood and make us happier. Who doesn’t want a healthy dose of serotonin when you pay for a window cleaning with Window Ninjas. Clean windows also elevate the entire appearance of your property because they usually occupy a large section of your home, and when they are clean, it is noticeable. Because of this having clean windows will increase your curb appeal. Overall, clean windows is a win-win for everybody and everything.

How do we clean your windows? It’s not the classic water and squeegee method you might be thinking of. It is a much more detailed and advanced method. First of all, we don’t use a hose instead we use a water fed pole. Water fed poles are long poles with a brush on the end that the water flows through. There is also a pump on the inside so you can control the amount of water you are using. In addition to these water fed poles, our Pawleys Island window cleaning team uses deionized water that is run through one of our additional filters to ensure your windows are washed with the purest water possible. The brush will break down and remove all of the dirt, dust, pollen and carbon pollution build up that have attacked your windows and the water will make sure it is all washed away for good. We also use a very special cleaning solution. Not only will this solution clean your windows, it will also keep your windows clean for much longer than a regular cleaning solution would. Our cleaning solution is anti-static, pH neutral and environmentally safe so there is no need to worry about your grass or flowers that might be sprayed with the water and cleaning solution mixture. This cleaning solution will also repel any dirt, dust, pollen and carbon pollution buildup that is sure to try and latch onto your windows. Especially with pollen season, it is important to have your windows cleaned now because pollen season is in full swing and a window cleaning service from us can really help you reduce the amount of pollen surrounding your home. Call us today and get your Pawleys Island window cleaning service scheduled today.

Why should you have your windows cleaned professionally with Window Ninjas? Well for starters Window Ninjas is the best company in the residential and commercial cleaning industry, our technicians are very professional, fully trained, knowledgeable on every service we offer, our entire team is customer service orientated and you will always be amazed by the results. In addition to just being awesome, Window Ninjas also has access to the best and newest technologies when it comes to home cleaning and specifically window cleaning. Our team is fully equipped at all times to get the job done fast and to handle any and all problems that may arise. Our company is also fully insured and bonded including employees compensation. Most importantly, our service technicians know what they are doing. Window cleaning can be a very dangerous job because a ladder is often used to reach those difficult to access areas. With ladders comes the potential of falling off said ladders. This could result in a trip to the emergency room, which is not something you want or we want for you, so please give us a call so we can get a Pawleys Island window cleaning technician sent out to your location. 

We guarantee that if you do choose Window Ninjas to be your go to window and home cleaning service provider, you will never ever be disappointed with our results. Our Pawleys Island window cleaning service will leave your windows sparkling and prevent you from falling off a ladder. We know you have better things to do then attempting to clean your windows only to end up with foggy and streaked windows. Go spend some time with family and friends, we’ve got this! Call today at 843-212-0794 or go on our website