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Let me take a guess. You’re sitting down right now on your computer searching all things related to power washing Durham services. You may even be searching for pricing and whom to call because the exterior of your house is dirty and grimy and needs a really good bath. We have your back if you need help with whom to call, how much to pay, and what is involved in a Pressure Washing Service! Our team would be happy to discuss the importance of power washing services and how they can benefit your home. By the time you are done reading this article, we hope you will have all the information you need to make the best decision for your wallet and your property. And if you would like to speak with somebody about your pressure washing services, please call our team at 919-867-6276. We can also provide you with much information online when you visit our site at

Fret not, my friend, we are here to help you with everything related to power washing Durham services. Suppose you live in the greater Durham area and are searching for a power washing company for your home or business property. In that case, we have the answers to your questions. Hiring a professional for all your power washing service requirements is essential to home maintenance. And if you are a commercial property owner and require a power washing service, we can also help you with that. As we dive into this article, we will address the pros and cons, the good and ugly of power washing, and everything related to pressure cleaning services.

How Much Will Power Washing Durham Cost?

The average Durham, North Carolina home costs around $250 to wash. However, there are some things that you need to consider for your specific property if you want an accurate price. Most power washing Durham service providers charge based on square footage. And you can expect to spend anywhere between $0.10 and $0.15 per square foot. The factors that are involved with calculating the cost to clean the exterior of your home will include things such as:

  • Type Of Siding
  • The extent of Grime On Your Home
  • Accessibility
  • Size Of The Project 

Let’s look at these four items to understand better how much you can expect to spend for a power washing Durham service.

When looking for a professional to help you with your power washing Durham service needs, discuss with them the type of siding you have and how they intend to clean it. The type of siding on your home’s exterior really matters. Vinyl siding and painted wood surfaces are much easier to clean than cedar siding without stains or sealants. Brick homes will run a little less to clean because, typically, brick will not be as dirty as vinyl siding or painted wood. Your brick needs to be cleaned, and if it does, you can expect to spend a little bit more, because brick is more difficult to clean than painted wood or vinyl.

If accessing certain areas of your home is hard, a contractor must charge a little more. And the extent of dirt and grime on your surfaces will dictate how much you need to spend cleaning them. And finally, how large a property you own will dictate how much you will pay per square foot and the overall job cost.

What Is Involved With A Power Washing House Service And Is It Safe?

Power washing is the best way to clean your home’s painted or brick surfaces. Suppose you will spend your money to wash your house’s exterior. In that case, you are making a significant investment. Not only will the paint life of your home be extended, but a good washing will increase your property’s curb appeal.

A low pressure house washing service is the most popular power washing Durham service that we provide. Our low pressure house washing approach to cleaning and maintaining the exterior surfaces does a fantastic job of cleaning and protecting. Imagine giving your house a bath. That is precisely what type of service you will receive when our team comes out and provides a house washing service for you

House washing is one of the safest and most economical ways to keep your property looking its best. And because it’s one of the most popular power washing Durham services we provide, it is safe and effective, and customers who have experienced it understand. Power washing will bring life back to your property. And it will remove contaminants such as mold, mildew, and carbon emission buildup. We always recommend that you have an annual cleaning of the exterior surfaces of your home. This will keep your property looking its best and protect it from damage caused by mold, mildew, and carbon emission buildup.

Final Thoughts

We have helped countless customers with their power washing Durham service needs throughout our many years in business. And we would very much enjoy being able to help you as well. When you need a professional source for cleaning and maintaining your most significant physical monetary investment, we would be happy to help. We are always pleased to come to your home and provide a free quote. And we are always glad to discuss the services you require so we can help. Why not call us today at 919-867-6276 and discuss your needs with our team? or find out more about our services online by visiting us at


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