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Does your home have some stubborn residue that needs some serious cleaning? Then you need a power washing Kiawah Island service. You have questions first of course. What is power washing? How is that different from pressure washing? When should power washing be done? Who can I hire to help me power wash my home? These are all good questions. This article will go over the answer to all of these questions so that you can feel confident making the decision your property needs. When you have finished this article and would like to book an appointment with our team, you can call us at 843-790-8447 or check our website at to learn more about the other services we offer!

Need the facts on power washing Kiawah Island services? Let’s get started!

What is Power Washing?

Power washing is the use of high-pressurized hot water to wash away loose paint, mold, algae, dirt, mud, or other grimey materials that have built up on your exterior surfaces. Since power washing uses hot water rather than cold water, it is not meant for every surface around your property. That is why it is best left to the professionals.

How is Power Washing Different Than Pressure Washing?

That is a great question! A lot of people do not understand the difference between pressure washing and power washing. It is a subtle difference after all. Power washing is the washing away of dirt, grime, mold, and other nasty materials from exterior surfaces by using hot, high-pressurized water. Whereas pressure washing can be low-pressure or high-pressure, and uses cold water to wash away those same nasty contaminants. Power washing is usually used for more serious stains, oil residue, grease, or even supremely nasty mold or algae build up on hard surfaces. Whereas pressure washing can be done on almost any surface around the exterior of your home, including the softer surfaces like your wood decking or the roof of your home. Basically, power washing is the “extreme” cleaning option.

When Should Power Washing Be Done?

We recommend having your power washing Kiawah Island services completed at least once a year. After the pollen season is a great time to have this service completed because of obvious reasons. The mess the pollen just made all over your exterior surfaces of course! Pollen started early this year, which means it should end a little sooner as well. This is a great time to have your power washing needs taken care of to help your home shine again, without the pollen afterwards.

Of course, power washing services can be done any time of year. As long as the temperature is above 40 degrees. Which, this is the South, it only gets that cold in like one month of the year. Other than that, power washing can be done pretty much whenever you want it done!

How often your property actually needs to be power washed is going to depend on your surroundings. If you live right on the beach, which Kiawah is an island so most people are pretty darn close, if not actually on the beach. You may need power washing services done more often than just once a year because of the extra wear and tear your exterior surfaces take from living the beach life. The harsh winds of hurricane season, and being next to the ocean. As well as the rain, and salty ocean air hitting your exterior surfaces does more damage than your suburban neighbors. Same thing goes for our customers that live in the heavy hustle bustle of the city. The extra dirt flying up from the road, pollen being thrown about, and pollution from the busy city life, all create extra debris piling up on your exterior surfaces. You would also need to have your power washing services completed twice a year.

Who Can Help With My Power Washing Kiawah Island Services?

Why, Window Ninjas of course! You may already know our team for our window cleaning services, after all our name is Window Ninjas. Or maybe you have seen our trucks in your neighborhood before, they are hard to miss! Or perhaps you have even had a friend tell you about their service with us and referred our team to you! Whatever the case, we are happy you are here!

Scheduling is Easy!

Simply call in right now to speak with one of our sales team members. No hold music, no wait times, no nonsense! When you call in during our business hours, one of our sales representatives always answers! Crazy right? Our sales team is knowledgeable on our services and is there to help guide you through the scheduling process. We have refined our ability to walk customers through our easy process, ask all the questions we need for the services you desire, and help answer any questions you have. Providing excellent customer service is one of our core values after all!

After you schedule your power washing Kiawah Island service, you get a confirmation email so you can be assured it was scheduled correctly, and gives you the date and time in your inbox for quick access. Two days before your service, our team sends out a reminder email which you can reply to to confirm your appointment. Don’t stress if you aren’t big into checking your emails, for everyone that does not respond to the email, we provide a reminder call the day before your service to ensure you are aware of when our team is coming to your property. This also gives you another chance to ask any more questions, or even add on services to your appointment day if time allows it!

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