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Have you ever wondered why so many people have some of their spring cleaning done by professionals? well look no further, our power washing service is here to explain this. There are many reasons why you should not pressure yourself to clean your home, and there are many benefits to having a professional do it as well. and what is the best part you might ask. well the best part is that booking your appointment is super simple to do. All you have to do is either visit us online at or give us a call at 833-NINJAS-1. 

What types of pressure and chemicals are used for power washing? 

When it comes to power washing services, every surface Has a different need. Some surfaces are more fragile and need a more gentle pressure, while other surfaces are tough and porous and need a stronger pressure. take a classic building or house washing for example. A house can be a pretty fragile surface, as vinyl can withstand weather but cannot withstand too much pressure or wind. a classic housewash he uses low pressure in combination with a sodium hypochlorite and high alkaline mixture. This combination creates a powerful cleaning agent while not harming or damaging your home. It is then rinsed off with another low pressure blast in order to fully remove dirt or mud and wash away the chemical mixture. this process restores a house or a building to a beautiful, like new up here 

Consider roof washing. a roof is very fragile and easy to damage. This is perhaps one of the most easily damaged surfaces that can be power cleaned. Because of this, our technicians use a low pressure chemical wash to remove any mold, colin, or algae. concentrated sodium hypochlorite is applied to the surfaces and gently pressure washed off. gently is the key word here. The last thing we want to do is damage your roof while we are trying to clean it for you. The amount of pressure used for this type of service is about as much as going through a car wash. That is a Surefire way to keep your roof intact but also keep the nasty substances off of it. 

We also wash wooden surfaces. These surfaces are a little more unique. This is because they are very porous and dirt can get trapped deeper into the wood. and Although the surface is very porous, the material is still semi fragile. When completing this service, our technicians use several things. Step one is to clean your wooden surface with peroxide, pulling up any dirt, mildew or mold from the interior of the wood. Step 2 is applying a potassium based soap in order to clean the wood. The combination of the peroxide and potassium creates an environmentally safe cleaning agent. This will clean up any unwanted substances while also not damaging your wood. Step 3 is to rinse away the cleaning products and remove them. I’m with a high volume but low pressure surface friend. high volume and low pressure can be thought of as a shower. a lot of water comes through but it comes through at a low pressure point. After all of this is said and done, our technicians apply oxalic acid to correct the pH of the wood and bring it back to a natural level, while also brightening your wooden surface to look more new. 

Why should you never pressure wash your own property? 

It can be incredibly tempting to pressure wash your own property. but our power washing service is always the better choice. Just as was explained in the previous paragraphs, It is very easy to use the wrong pressure strength or chemicals and severely and permanently damage your property. there are certain surfaces that cannot handle certain chemicals. they’re also certain surfaces that are too easy to break if you use too much pressure on them. This is why our technicians train long and hard so that they are fully equipped to clean any surface with no damage. Nobody wants to start pressure washing their home or business by themself and end up causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. but this is a massive possibility when it comes to non-professional power cleaning equipment in the hands of someone who has never power cleaned before. 

It is also incredibly common to injure yourself while attempting to power wash your property. due to the strength of a power cleaning machine, you risk severe injury. A pressure washing machine can produce up to 30,000 lb of horse per square inch, which is more than strong enough to bend steel. This type of pressure could not only damage your property, but it could also cause lacerations on the skin, bruising, broken bones, and even lots of ligament such as a toe or finger. Imagine you are attempting to wash your house and you accidentally put it on the highest pressure setting. As you go to spray the house, the pressure is obviously too high and you put a hole in the vinyl on the exterior of your home. due to the shock of putting a hole in your house, your arm jerks and you end up with the pressure washing machine aimed directly at your toes. This will end up severely damaging your toe to the point where you have to have it amputated. and Now, instead of a sparkly clean house, you have a hole in your home, and a hole where the toes should be. This is the absolute last thing anybody would want, which is why we always recommend our professional power washing service. 

Why should you get your property pressure washed? 

When it comes to our power washing service, there are so many incredible benefits. yearly pressure cleaning will prevent damages from happening to your house. This process removes start, moss, and any overall crime. because you do not have any unwanted substances in your home, no corrosion can occur. unwanted Grime can literally eat through vinyl coatings and other materials and massive issues. Pressure cleaning will also save you a ton of time and money as it is considered preventative maintenance, getting this service done yearly will keep your home in Christine condition. Instead of spending money on replacing siding or Roofing or even certain wood planks on your deck, you are just spending one flat fee each year in order to have a professional wash your home for you. Pressure cleaning also has a major boost to the curb appeal of your home. you will not be the shabby house on the block, you will instead be the nicest looking house on the block. gym if your house is the nicest one on the block, you will increase the value of your home. and increasing the value of your home will in turn increase The value of your whole neighborhood. One last benefit of a pressure cleaning service is that it can be used to prime your property for any renovations. Perhaps you are getting your wood deck stained and you need to prime it before you do so. or perhaps you again in your house painted and you need to wash off all of the old and peeling paint first. Our services will get all of this done for you and have you ready to go within a day. 

Final Thoughts:

So what are you waiting for? don’t make these mistakes or take these risks. our team at window ninjas would be more than thrilled to do the dirty work for you. so call us today at 833-NINJAS-1, or visit us online at to schedule your power washing services. We also offer many other services, so we are fully prepared to be your One Stop Shop for spring cleaning services. And the best part? We offer a multiple Services discount. so give us a call today and let us make your property shine.