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As you walk around the exterior of your home, are you noticing signs of mold and mildew? Is the surface of your siding in dire need of a power washing Wilmington service? If you are considering hiring a power washing company, we know you have questions. You may even have concerns about power washing and if it is a safe and affordable option. We aim to address your concerns so that you can put your mind at ease and make the best choice for your property. And by the end of this article, we hope you have a better understanding of the importance of power washing and the necessity for a Wilmington power washing service.

What are the questions you have about professional power washing Wilmington services? Are you concerned that high pressure will damage your siding or painted surfaces? Do you own a vinyl-sided home and are worried about pressure cleaning damaging it? You may need your driveways and sidewalks or pool deck pressure washed. Is pressure washing going to hurt the concrete or brick surfaces that it is made of? 

When it comes to professional power washing Wilmington services, these are all questions that are asked of our team every single day. And because we have over three decades of experience in the Wilmington power-washing industry, we have the answers to your most pressing questions! So, sit back, roll up your sleeves, and enjoy this article so we can help you with your Wilmington power washing Service needs and questions!

Best Service For Removing Mold And Mildew From Your Siding

If there is one type of power washing Wilmington service that you must have, it is an annual house washing service. Our low-pressure house washing cleaning service is the best way to remove mold and mildew. And it’s also the best way to remove dirt and grime.

Power washing is a safe and effective solution for cleaning and maintaining the exterior surfaces of your residence. But it’s only safe if the contractor knows precisely what type of power washing Wilmington service your home needs!

A soft or low-pressure house wash is the safest and most effective service you can purchase to remove mold, mildew, dirt, and grime. Think of this service as bathing your house. It is the best way to make your property stand out and restore it to a brand-new look! Chemicals are used to kill mold and mildew. And a high volume, low-pressure rinse is utilized to remove all contaminants. All paint and vinyl siding manufacturers recommend this process. It is the safest and most efficient service you can purchase when done correctly.

Best Power Washing Wilmington Service For Cleaning Driveways And Sidewalks 

If you want an excellent way to remove mold and mildew or unsightly stains from your driveways and sidewalks, a high-pressure chemical washing is an answer!

Brick and concrete surfaces are porous materials. That means they will absorb moisture and inevitably show signs of mold and mildew growth. And it is essential to remove it before it becomes a problem! Because we live in a warm and moist environment, mold and mildew grow and thrive daily.

We recommend completing a high-pressure chemical washing service for your driveways and sidewalks. It is just one other service in the arsenal of our power washing Wilmington repertoire.

Power washing driveways and sidewalks is an excellent way to increase your property’s curb appeal. Wilmington power washing for your driveways and sidewalks will restore them to a brand-new look. And it is a great way to keep these areas safe for your friends and family to walk upon.

Most residential homeowners do not realize that the black or gray streaks forming inside their once bright white driveways and sidewalks are mold and mildew. And with our chemicals in conjunction with high-pressurized water, we can kill this unsightly detractor of cleanliness!

Best Power Washing Wilmington Service For Cleaning Decks

Outdoor decks and living areas are all the rage in modern buildings. Nothing is better than coming home from a hard day’s worth of work, sitting on the back deck, and enjoying time with friends and family.

When your deck has become grade or your outdoor living area is dirty and grimy, the best service to clean and restore them is a low-pressure deck restoration. A deck restoration service is an aspect of power washing Wilmington services. Again, just like your house washing service, it is performed utilizing low pressure and high volume of water.

As you can tell, there is a running theme with our power washing Wilmington services. We utilize safe and effective chemicals and do most of the work. The pressure washing machines we use are always used to create a high volume of water and low pressure. And this is because paint, wood, and vinyl manufacturers recommend these particular processes.

Final Thoughts

We hope we have educated you on the differences between the various power washing Wilmington services. When you need help in decision-making for your Wilmington power washing services, we are here to assist you. Our team will happily answer any questions you may have over the phone. You can also visit our website, so please feel free to contact us at 910-538-4223. Or online at

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