What Are The Ins and Outs of Pressure Cleaning?

This content was written for Window Ninjas Window and Pressure Cleaning.

The changing of the seasons will leave your home or business looking dirty and dingy. This is why Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen should be your best friend. Pollen seeps into the cracks of pavement. Bugs get squashed on the outer walls of your property. Mud from a very rainy spring gets tracked onto your deck. All of these messes will add up and make your property look disheveled. Have no fear, Window Ninjas is here! Our technicians can come to your property to pressure clean, and leave it looking brand new. To book a trustworthy team for the job you can call 804-256-3221 or visit us online at windowninjas.com.

What are the pros of a pro cleaning?

If you are thinking about Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen, you should always lean towards a professional. There are many consumer-available cleaners on the market for pressure cleaning, but most of them will harm your landscaping, wildlife, or your own body. Window Ninjas are certain to use chemicals that will not harm your property, wildlife, or ecosystem in any way. Though our chemicals are gentle on the environment, they are still certainly strong enough to remove even the deepest dirt and grime from surfaces. Our technicians are also trained to be super detail-oriented, promising not to miss any spots. They will always get the job done to the highest standards. When the job is done, they take their equipment, leaving your property better than when they arrived. Here at Window Ninjas, we truly take “Leave No Trace” to heart.

What are the safety concerns of a DIY pressure cleaning?

Due to the amount of pressure used when pressure cleaning, there are some serious safety concerns. It is always recommended that you use a professional as it is too easy to mess up, break something, or hurt yourself. Different parts of the area you are cleaning need different strengths of pressure. Using an incorrect pressure can cause damage to your roof, your siding, or even your deck. This will wind up burning a major hole in your wallet. There is also the risk of damaging your Landscaping if you accidentally shift the pressure washer too much. When it comes to Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen, the biggest risk is self-injury. In 2014, over 6,000 people ended up in the emergency room due to pressure cleaning injuries. Pressure cleaning injuries can include small or large lacerations, infections, eye damage, and loss of small limbs such as toes or fingers. Just because there are pressure cleaning hose adapters on the market, does not mean they should be used. A DIY pressure cleaning job is a risk you should never be willing to take.

What pressure cleaning services can I choose from?

Window Ninjas offers a list of pressure cleaning services to cover all of your bases. Firstly, we offer the washing of pressure treated wood. Round one of cleaners is a peroxide based product. The peroxide lifts all of the dirt and grime from inside of the wood to the surface of the wood. This makes removing built up grime a lot easier. Round two is a potassium based soap. This chemical combination cleans the wood thoroughly but is safe and economical, meaning it will not harm trees or bushes surrounding the pressure washing location. Following our cleaning products, a high volume, low pressure flush will be used to strip away all debris and any residual cleaning chemicals. Once your deck looks like new, our technicians apply hooks out like acid in order to brighten the wood and bond it. This makes it harder for dirt to seep into the wood in the future. Pressure cleaning your wood will make your deck last so much longer.

We also offer a classic building or house washing service. This wash uses a low pressure stream to ensure that no damage is inflicted on your building. Sodium hypochlorite and a high alkaline detergent are mixed and injected through the machines and onto the building services. This will remove any pollen, squashed insects, and mud from your building or house. Once your building is back to the color it is supposed to be, our technicians will thoroughly rinse all surfaces in order to wash away anything left. We also have the option to add on a roof washing service. This is a low pressure washing of your roof to remove any leaves, mud, and pollen. A very concentrated sodium hypochlorite solution is applied to surfaces and lightly pressure washed off. We are just as gentle on your roof as a car wash is on your car! Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen will leave your house or building looking brand new.

Our final service is concrete washing. This service can be used for sidewalks, driveways, concrete patios, and areas surrounding a pool. Concrete is a very porous surface, so it tends to get mud, bugs, and even algae stuck in the crevices. A surface that was once clean and white will start to look green, yellow, or even brown from built up debris and bacteria. This is why our technicians do a high pressure chemical washing for any concrete services. Sodium hypochlorite solution is injected through our machines onto the surface. This chemical does an incredible job at penetrating into any porous material. The high power of the pressure cleaning machine will guarantee that the chemicals get into even hard to reach areas. This service is finished with a detailed, high pressure rinse to remove any remaining debris or mold. Our technicians are highly trained and detail oriented, so you can trust that the job will be done right.

If you are interested in Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen, you can reach our staff 804-256-3221 or find us online at windowninjas.com. Whatever questions you have, we have the answers. We can give you a price breakdown and recommend services to pair with your pressure cleaning. Our staff are experts at pressure cleaning, and we would be thrilled to listen to the problems you want solved and help schedule the perfect solution for you.