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Spring has officially begun which means for the next month or two everything will be covered in a dust of pollen. Having pollen cleaned off your home or outdoor furniture can be made very easy with Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen. We have been pressure cleaning the community for over three decades. Pressure cleaning isn’t an easy job to do. As a kid I watched my dad use most of his free time to catch up on outside chores. He would often pressure clean and be so frustrated by the end of the day with all the energy he put in. Throughout this article we would like to inform you about why it’s so important to trust the professionals for a job well done. If you would like to give us a phone call to receive more information, we can be reached at 804-256-3221 or online at

What Is Pressure Cleaning?

Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen services has a few different ways of pressure cleaning. For our classic or house washing we use a low pressure chemical wash. This removes all mold, mildew, pollen, porous and non- porous surfaces from the building. Our chemical solution is a sodium hydrochlorite detergent mixture that’s high in alkaline. This mixture is used in almost all of our pressure cleaning services. This solution is
environmentally friendly and will cause no harm to any vegetation it comes into contact with. This mixture is injected into our machines which is how it is dispensed onto your building. We then follow it with a rinse to remove anything left on the building to ensure a job well done. This method is tried and true.

We have many different services of pressure cleaning. Our company offered concrete washing, roof washing, treated wood washing and we can even wash your patio furniture. Different services require different methods of cleaning. For instance, concrete cleaning uses a high power cleaning service while your standard treated wood cleaning uses a low pressure method. Treated wood cleaning also has a few extra steps needed because it’s a different material than concrete or your home.

What Dangers Are Involved With DIY

Hiring Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen can save you from lots of potential dangers to your home or self. Pressure cleaning can actually be a very dangerous job. Since there’s so much water pressure coming out of the machine it could actually cut your skin pretty deeply. This could result in bad injury or a trip to the hospital. Hospital trips are very expensive and inconvenient. An injury can also interrupt your pressure cleaning job leaving it incomplete. If you hire a professional to begin it, you can avoid this potential harm.

When you pressure clean your home yourself, you can potentially damage a multitude of things. Such as the paint on the outside of your home. If you apply too much pressure, you can strip the paint off leaving splotches everywhere. Not knowing the proper pressure to use can damage your building as well. You could end up accidentally taking off a gutter or busting a window. This would cost your additional amounts of money that you could have saved by just giving Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen a call.

Pressure cleaning also runs up your water bill. When you pressure clean yourself, you have to add soap and use your own hose to provide the water. If you don’t already have a pressure washer, you may have to rent or buy one which costs lots of money. The soap you use could also harm your grass or vegetation. If you have a garden, you could potentially ruin all the hard work you put in to make it grow. All of these aspects combined can cost you more money than if you just gave us at Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen a call.

What Makes Us The Best?

We have wonderful reviews in almost all areas we service. Feel free to just google us! The internet is a wonderful tool to use to find first hand experiences from all of our customers. In the past you were only able to find out by asking around to your neighbors or friends but now you can see what a stranger’s experience was like. This way you can form your own opinion and feel confident booking your Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen service.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. This means if any accidents were to happen, you and our team are protected. Our team is completely professional. When you hire a company, you want to know that no corners are going to be cut and everything is completely up to code. These are things we can one hundred percent promise.

How To Book Your Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen Service

You can start the process by giving our wonderful sales representative team a call. They are eagerly waiting to provide you with any answers to questions or concerns you may have. Our team can even walk you through every step of the service you are booking. Once your questions and concerns have been answered we will schedule you an appointment at the most convenient date for you. After your appointment is booked, we will send you a reminder email two days before your service. If you happen to miss this email we do also send a phone call the day before your service with a voicemail in case you don’t answer. We don’t want to take you by surprise when we arrive.

To save yourself and your building from danger, it’s best to leave it to Pressure Cleaning Glen Allen. We can guarantee a job well done. After all, the goal is to have your building looking good as new! For all of your pressure cleaning needs, feel free to give us a call! Whenever you’re ready, we can be reached online at or by phone at 804-256-3221.