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When it comes to pressure cleaning, window ninjas have many options for you! Our pressure cleaning Leland Services include our Classic Building or house washing, roof cleaning, concrete pressure cleaning and low pressure cleaning of pressure treated wood Service as well! With all of these wonderful pressure cleaning services, there is no reason to choose any other company! We have amazing technicians, amazing services and amazing sales representatives to make your home shine in ways you’ve never seen before! If you’re ready to get your home pressure cleaned then give us a call today at 910-538-4223 or visit our wonderful website at for all your pressure cleaning needs!

As I said before, we have four main pressure cleaning Leland services, but the first one I want to talk about is our concrete pressure cleaning service. We recommend having this done once every two years as it is a high traffic foot area, and will collect lots of dirt and grime over time. In this service we use a high pressure chemical washing to restore the concrete to a new appearance. We use hot or cold cleaning methods and chemicals that penetrate deep into the concrete. This method of pressure cleaning will clean deep and allow your driveway to stay cleaner for longer. We then use sodium hypochlorite and are injected through our machines into the concrete surfaces. The solution will penetrate deep into the concrete and the surface will be rinsed thoroughly afterwards with a high pressure rinse to remove all of the mildew dirt and debris. Some stains including oil stains may still remain however.

The second service that I want to talk about today is our Classic Building, our house washing! We recommend having it done at least once a year but we can come out more often depending on your personal needs for your home. We use a low pressure chemical washing of the building called a soft washing to remove the mold mildew and dirt from the forest and non-porous surfaces of the building. We then use a sodium hypochlorite and high alkaline detergent mixture that is injected through our machines and onto the building surfaces. The surfaces are then thoroughly rinsed to ensure that no debris or mold spores are left on the exterior of your home or business. This will restore the building to its new appearance from the exterior.

For the third service that we have for our pressure cleaning Leland Services I will talk about the roof Washing Service we have. In this service we use a low pressure chemical washing to remove any mold, mildew dirt and fungus that may have accumulated on your asphalt shingles. This low pressure chemical method is very safe and effective for your shingles. the chemical we use as a concentrated sodium hypochlorite solution that is applied to the surfaces and then lightly pressure rinsed off. The amount of pressure is as much as if you were to take your car to a car wash. We recommend having this done at least once every year along with your Classic Building or house washing.

Ashley we have a low pressure washing of pressure treated wood service and our pressure cleaning Leland Services Group. We recommend having the service done every two years along with your concrete. First we will clean the surfaces of the deck with a peroxide based product which then pulls out dirt debris and mildew from the forest surfaces of the wood. Potassium based soap is then added to the mix and the combination of these two products together creates a cleaning agent that cleans the wood thoroughly and it’s not harmful to any surrounding vegetation. We then use a high volume, low pressure, flat surface rinse to ensure all debris and residual cleaning solution is gone. This cleaning solution is safe and effective and an efficient and economical deck cleaner that will produce new results. After a thorough cleaning of the wood deck our team will then apply an oxalic acid to brighten the wood and bond with it on a molecular level. This process all together will restore the wood to a natural pH and neutralize the peroxide based cleaner that we use.

Now before you go out and do it yourself since I’ve told you some of the chemicals that we know that pressure washing has the potential to be very hard on the environment for multiple reasons. Not only does it use a lot of water but it could also involve soap and other cleaning chemicals that are just not good for the surrounding environment. We hear window ninjas take care to minimize the impact on the environment with techniques that will reduce water usage and avoid all harmful chemicals so that your Landscaping stays looking beautiful and brand new!

We also have all the proper equipment and know how and how to use it properly. not having the proper equipment or training on how to use it can cause some serious damage not only to your house but also to you! If you happen to hit yourself with a power washer you will most likely have to go to the hospital as it can cause some very gruesome injuries. Also not knowing the correct pressure to wash your siding or roof can cause a lot of damage!

Now that you know more about pressure cleaning and our individual services that we do, we hope that you choose us to be your one trusted company for all of your needs. we cannot wait to service you and leave your home shining in a way that you have never seen before! We are very proficient in what we do, and want to ensure you get the best of the best pressure cleaning service! You can reach Window Ninjas at 910-538-4223 or visit our wonderful website at for all your pressure cleaning Leland needs!