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This content was written for Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning.

These days the cost of most things isn’t a big surprise. At pressure cleaning Wilmington we try to make the cost of getting your home cleaned on the outside affordable and still stay within the national average. Let’s face it, we still need to keep our homes looking great and get rid of dirt and grime to prevent damage, otherwise you will be paying more money in the long term. Here in the Wilmington area you can expect to pay between $250 and $450 for pressure cleaning the outside of your home. So depending on how big your home is will determine the price. Other factors may contribute to the price as well.

Our company uses only environmentally safe cleaning solutions and the best techniques that we have been trained to use. We are not a one fit solution that solves all problems. Different solutions work for different problems and so do different pressure cleaning techniques. Our systems are the same though. You will find that the results that we can achieve can not be beat. To get a hold of us give us a call at 910-538-4223 or stop by on our website at for a free no obligation quote.

Quote or Estimate? We do both!

Pressure cleaning Wilmington can provide an estimate over the phone but this is different from a quote. Quotes are done by pros and with given measurements whereas estimates are not. It is best to get a quote from one of our pros so that there are no guessing games involved, especially if you are on a fixed income and don’t want any surprises. Working with our team is pleasant and you will find that getting answers to your questions is unparalleled. If you are looking for a high quality pressure cleaning company that knows all about pressure cleaning, then you have found us. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

To get a look at what we can do just check out some of the before and after photos of our team out on some jobs to see the results we can achieve or go to YouTube and watch some of our uploaded videos. If you have never used us before, then you are definitely in for a treat. Our company has been in the industry for thirty years and we are fully insured and bonded. We work for both commercial and residential customers and carry commercial insurance. We are also locally owned and operated. If you are new to the area and ask around, then your neighbors will surely mention us to you. Most folks know who we are and know that we stand behind our work. Our prices are competitive.

When you shop around for a comparable company make sure to ask for a company’s credentials to make sure that they are legit. If you get a low price for pressure cleaning, then perhaps they are not fully legitimate and are just running by the seat of their pants. Pressure cleaning Wilmington is a full fledged service brought to you by Window Ninjas central. All of our business documents are in order and we only hire the very best to work for us. All of our employees are highly trained and skilled. When they arrive on the job site they will arrive in a fully lettered Window Ninjas truck and wear the company uniform. Legitimacy is key. Sometimes if you want to make sure that you are getting the best work done and the highest quality it is better to pay a little more for it.

The Cost Outweighs The Damages That Can Occur

The cost of a great pressure cleaning service from a pro will far outweigh the damage caused by not getting it done. Rot and decay from letting dirt and grime hang around for too long is the enemy. Having to get repairs done when this occurs is going to be more than what pressure cleaning would cost you. First you have the labor for tearing down the rotten materials of your home, then the cost of repairing the broken materials and the cost of the material. It can add up in a big hurry depending on the severity of the project at hand.

Say you let your house siding get overtaken by mold and mildew for so long that rot and pest infestation caused planks to deteriorate. Can you even begin to imagine what that is going to cost you to get repaired? We are pretty sure that if you had taken the time to get your home pressure cleaned on a regular basis that you could have saved yourself the money and some headaches. Pressure cleaning is preventative maintenance. It can prolong the life of painted surfaces and make things look like new again. It is a beautiful thing indeed!

Final Thoughts

Pressure cleaning Wilmington wants to help you stay educated about how beneficial pressure cleaning can be for your home and surrounding property. Money spent now can definitely save a lot down the road. Pressure cleaning not only improves curb appeal but it can bump up the value of your place over time as well. Now how great is that for your investment spent on pressure cleaning services?

Pressure cleaning Wilmington can even help you to remember when to get your property pressure cleaned after you get the job done with us the first time. After being a first time customer we will send you emails with updates on sales and friendly calls to let you know when yearly events are taking place. It is hard to forget about pressure cleaning when you have us on your side. We are not going to pressure you into a contract because we do not have them. Getting services from us is totally up to you.

To get started with pressure cleaning Wilmington give us a call at 910-538-4223 or stop by on our bright and shiny website at We look forward to serving you soon!