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We understand your questions if you are considering a pressure cleaning Wilmington service for your home or business property. You may have concerns about this service as well. You can stop worrying and put your mind at ease because we wrote this article specifically for you. Our goal here is to inform you and provide the information you need so that you can relax and make an excellent decision for your property. By the end of this article, our goal will have been met and deliver you the information you need to better understand the service and why it is so important. You can also receive further information when calling our experts at 910-538-4223. And you can also find out many answers to your questions when you visit us on our website at

Our teams use water to blast away dirt and grime to provide property owners with the benefits of increased curb appeal. If you are interested in pressure cleaning Wilmington services, allow us the opportunity to help with your decision-making process. As we dive in, we ask that you roll up your sleeves and grab a pen and notepad so you can write down all the information we can provide you. This article will discuss pricing and what you can expect to receive for specific pressure cleaning services.

How Much Does Pressure Washing A House In Wilmington, NC Cost?

A brand-new house is always an eye-catcher. Clean siding, shining windows, and doors that reflect light as if made from glass look amazing when brand new! But what about once a brand new bundle of joy has some age on it? Dirt and grime have attached themselves to exterior siding surfaces. Windows are becoming more challenging to see, and your exterior doors are dingy and full of little handprints! Is this a good description of the current state of affairs with the exterior of your home?

What are your expectations? Understanding what you expect to receive and need will help you determine what price point you want to be at. One key factor is imperative when looking for pricing for pressure cleaning Wilmington services. Pressure washing the exterior of your home is one of the essential services we can help you with. However, if you need your driveways and sidewalks cleaned, understand it will be an additional cost. Our experience shows that line items for every service you need are the best approach to discussing pricing.

A pressure cleaning Wilmington service for your house will run you between $150 and $450. The average cost for house washing is $300, and the price varies depending on a few factors:

Size Of Your House
Siding Materials Used On Your Home
Accessibility or Complexity

Every home is different. And different siding materials require specific cleaning techniques. Typically a low-pressure house washing or “Soft Wash” is the best application when cleaning the exterior surfaces of your home. This process involves a high-volume, low-pressure washing application that removes dirt and grime using chemicals and light pressure to produce a magnificent result! It’s very beneficial for the siding of your home, and it’s also a great way to boost your property’s curb appeal! House washing is the most popular pressure cleaning Wilmington service we provide.

When Is The Best Time To Pressure Wash?

Fortunately for us, we live in a warm and moist environment. We can enjoy the outdoors over 85% of the year! And when it comes to exterior cleaning chores, you must pick the best time of year that benefits your needs. Some clients wash their homes in the Fall before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Others choose to clean up after spring pollen falls. It can be significant for them when guests and family come home for the holidays or the summer pool party! No matter what time of year, we can help you all year!

Pollen is a big issue in Wilmington and necessitates a pressure cleaning Wilmington service. And some customers choose to clean up during the spring season. May and June are the busiest months for pressure cleaning, so we recommend a proactive approach to Wilmington pressure cleaning services! What stops you from calling us today and getting on the books for May and June?

Final Thoughts:

Taking care of your home is important to us, and we know that it is essential to you. Consider a pressure cleaning Wilmington service when looking for the best way to wash your most significant physical investment. We have over three decades of experience in the pressure cleaning industry, and our goal is to help clients with service and information. Once you have decided that this service is the right choice for your exterior cleaning needs, allow our team the chance to help you.

We hope we answered your questions and provided you with your number one question: How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost? We also hope you will understand better the pressure cleaning Wilmington services and why staying on top of this need is crucial.

In all seriousness, we know that some clients out there want to perform the task of pressure cleaning Wilmington on their own. If you are different from the kind of person that can roll up their sleeves and Tackle pressure cleaning without help from a professional, we can Envision you giving us a call! Our team is fun and amazing to work with. And we are always happy to facilitate our clients’ needs. If you would like to learn more about what Window Ninjas can do for you, please give us a call and discuss your pressure cleaning Wilmington needs. We can help you by phone by calling 910-538-4223. And we have a wealth of information online when you visit us at

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