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No one knows pressure cleaning like Window Ninjas does. The service team at pressure cleaning Wilmington certainly has it down right when it comes to the best pressure cleaning in town. Our company has been doing business for three decades. There are a lot of things that we do right and getting rid of dirt and grime is definitely one of them. What makes us the most premiere company around that is different from all of the rest? Great question! First of all, we only use environmentally safe pressure cleaning solutions. We want to take care of our environment just as much as everyone else does. Second, we guarantee our work. Third, we believe in serving others.

Pressure cleaning Wilmington services aren’t rocket science, but knowing what cleaning solutions to use on different surfaces and whether to use a low pressure method of pressure cleaning versus a high one are key to making the best impact on grime removal. Also, knowing how to use the correct tips on the pressure cleaning wand is important. All of our employees are highly trained and skilled so we are experts at what we do. It makes us happy to see you getting high quality work and a renewed look on your property at the same time. It is a win-win situation for all of us. To get a hold of our team give us a call at 910-538-4223 or stop by on our website at for a free quote.

Window Ninjas is the answer to your dirt and grime removal.

Do you have mold, mildew, algae, dirt, dust, pollen, graffiti, and other substances that are overtaking your home and causing you grief? Don’t worry. Our pros can take care of all of that for you. Wind, mowing, traffic, farming, and construction add to the amount of debris that accumulates on your property causing it to look dirty and sad. With the help of our team it can look new again. Our pros recommend that you have pressure cleaning done every year, but more often as needed. A boost in your curb appeal is just what you need to take away the winter blues if you have them or get a head start on that spring cleaning. Our business does get quite busy in the spring so now is the time to get scheduled with us.

Benefits of Professional Pressure Cleaning

Having our pros at pressure cleaning Wilmington is a tremendous time saver. Most folks these days are busy working and taking care of their families and have little time for taking care of their homes. Hiring a pro to lend you a hand is just what you need when you can’t keep up, but still want and need to maintain your home. This is important so that you let dirt and grime take over and cause damage in the form of rot and decay.

We can save you money too. By preventing rot and decay you are spending less money in the big scheme of things. Repairing outside surfaces that have been neglected can be pricey depending on what they are. Most repair jobs are costly because usually someone else has to be hired to tear out the rot and then rebuild it to match the remaining surfaces. The tear out is expensive and so are the materials. Any time that you have to pay for someone else’s labor and time, then get ready to pay the cost. Damage done from neglecting your home is not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Those damages are usually only covered by weather related issues and faulty products if they are not covered by the home warranty still.

Other Benefits of Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning is the best way to keep your home lasting long. It prolongs the life of painted surfaces by keeping them fresh longer and elongating the amount of time between house paintings. As most folks know that have already had to have exterior painting done these types of jobs can be costly. So pressure cleaning can save you about 3 to 5 years or more between those jobs. Pressure cleaning is also an awesome way to keep your home healthy. When you rid the exterior surfaces of mold, mildew, and pollen or any other substance that has bacteria or causes health issues for the home’s inhabitants, pets included, then you are doing your loved ones a big favor. If mold and mildew get out of hand on the outside of your house it can creep to the inside and become an even bigger problem.

Pressure cleaning Wilmington is also great at helping to improve the curb appeal of properties. Ever wonder how all of those other homes in your neighborhood maintain an awesome appearance? They have pressure cleaning done regularly. You won’t see those homes with ugly mold and mildew growing along the sides of their homes. The sidewalks and driveway will look brand new too. Fences, patios, pool areas, decks and all the other surfaces on the outside of the home will be immaculate. This look can only be achieved when you hire the premiere pressure cleaning pros.

As time goes on, regular pressure cleaning can also improve the value of your home. Sime this is your biggest investment piece it is important for the value of it to go up and not down. Having pressure cleaning Wilmington on hand is one sure way to guarantee that home value always rises as it should.

How To Contact Us

Contacting us is easy and you will find that speaking to our customer service reps is very unique. Pressure cleaning Wilmington can be reached by phone at 910-538-4223 or you can leave your request for contacting you on our website at We are always glad to serve you and to help you get your property in the best condition ever. We look forward to hearing from you.