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Are you looking for a way to help bring the shine back to your home? Then you need a professional quality pressure washing Richmond service! Consider hiring our company for a professional pressure washing Richmond service! A Professional pressure washing service is a great way to help rid your exterior surfaces of nasty contaminants. Like mold, mildew, algae, and even that crazy pollen buildup this Spring! Before scheduling your appointment, you may have questions, as most homeowners do. You put a lot of time and effort into turning your home into your dream home. So you must ensure that you are getting the best services for your home. We understand! 

This article is here to help answer your questions about the different types of pressure washing Richmond services. What is a house wash, and how do we do it? What is pressure cleaning going to do for my concrete driveway? Can a pressure washing service help my wood deck? These are all great questions that we will go over in this article. We want you to feel prepared to make the best decision for your home and confident that you are getting the best team to meet your needs. If you have any more questions, please call us at 804-256-3221 or send us a service request through our website at!

What Are The Best Pressure Washing Services To Get?

Plenty of pressure washing services are available to help meet your needs and goals for your dream home. Whether you just bought a new home and it needs some serious T.L.C. Or life has been so hectic that it’s been years in the blink of an eye, and your driveway or home needs some serious help. Whatever the case, we have the perfect pressure-washing solution for you!

Some of the most common pressure washing Richmond services our team provides are house washing, concrete cleaning (such as driveways and sidewalks), and deck cleaning services. Our team is here for all of them! We can rid your home of that nasty green buildup that has overtaken your siding. Or give it a suitable bath to pressure clean away all that dirt and pollen that Spring has sprung on you.

Concrete pressure washing services are a must as well! Our team uses high-pressure washing services to help remove the buildup of dirt, mold, and other nasty grime from your driveway, sidewalk, and walkways.

Wood decks need pressure washing services as well to help them continue shining! Wood starts to fade after time and can grow mold and mildew from being exposed to the elements. Our pressure cleaning service can rid your wood surfaces of those nasty contaminants and help restore your deck’s natural shine (or even get it ready for a new stain!) All you have to do is ask us here at Window Ninjas!

Classic Building or House Washing:

Regarding our Classic Building or house washing, we recommend having it done at least once a year; however, we can come out more often, depending on your needs. During the service, we use a low-pressure chemical washing of the building or structure called Soft washing. This process removes all mold, mildew, and dirt from the porous and non-porous surfaces of the building. We use a sodium hypochlorite and a high-alkaline detergent mixture that is injected through our machines and onto the building’s surfaces. The surfaces are then rinsed thoroughly to remove all of the dirt, debris, mildew, and chemicals from the exterior of your home or business. This process will restore the building to a new appearance! 

Concrete Pressure Washing:

We recommend that our concrete pressure washing Richmond service be done every two years. In this service, we use a high-pressure chemical washing of the concrete to restore high-traffic foot areas to like new appearance. We utilize hot and cold cleaning methods and chemicals that penetrate porous surfaces. This pressure cleaning method will clean deep and allow your driveway to stay cleaner longer. Sodium hypochlorite solution is used again in this service and injected through our machines and onto the concrete surfaces. This solution penetrates deep into the concrete. The surfaces are then thoroughly rinsed to remove all mildew, dirt, and debris. 

Decks and Other Wooden Surfaces:

Lastly is our low-pressure washing of pressure-treated wood surfaces, which we recommend is done every two years. We use a two-step washing process to clean the deck and wooden surface. First, we clean the surfaces with a peroxide-based product. Pulling all of the dirt, debris, mildew, and mold spores from the poorest surfaces of the wood up to the surface. We then add a potassium-based soap, and the conjunction of these two products creates a cleaning agent that cleans the wood thoroughly and is not harmful to vegetation.

We can use a high-volume, low-pressure flat surface rinse to remove all debris and residual cleaning solution. After thoroughly cleaning the wood deck, we will apply oxalic acid to brighten the wood and bond with the wood on a molecular level. This acid will also restore the wood to a natural pH and neutralize the peroxide-based cleaner. This two-step pressure washing Richmond process is essential when protecting the wood with a sealant or wood preservative. 

Final Thoughts:

Getting a pressure washing Richmond service is extremely important for maintaining your home. It would help to have your home pressure cleaned at least once a year. Concrete and decks done every two years. Ensuring that your home and decks are clean will ensure your family is safe and healthy. If you are ready to schedule a pressure washing service, reach us at  804-256-3221 or our fantastic website at today!