What Are The Best Pressure Washing Services For My Home?

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Looking to bring your home’s exterior surfaces back from the dead? Then you need pressure washing services! But what pressure washing services do you need? That is what this article is about. The different types of pressure washing services that are going to help bring the shine back to your home. As well as why those services are great for your home. If you have any other questions or you want to book an appointment, please give us a call at 833-NINJAS-1 or visit our website at windowninjas.com.

What Are The Best Pressure Washing Services For My Home?

With everything that your home has been through in the last several months with winter and pollen season, you may be wondering what the best pressure washing services for your home are going to be. That is why we wrote this article, to help inform you of some of our most common pressure washing services that can really help your property shine again.

The most common services that our residential customers book for the pressure washing needs are house washing, concrete washing, deck washing, and even roof washing. This article is going to go over those services, what the team does for them, and why they are beneficial for your property.

House Washing:

Our team provides low-pressure washing services that are optimal for house washing. Our team can pressure wash vinyl siding, brick, as well as just the trim around a brick home. We want to be able to help all of our residential customers so that their homes can continue to look amazing. We recommend having this service completed once a year to keep your home looking like new and your exterior surfaces from deteriorating.

A low-pressure chemical wash of your home is going to remove all signs of mold and mildew from the porous and non-porous surfaces of your home. a low-pressure washing service is going to go beyond just a spray down with a garden hose. The pressure that the water is emitted at is going to get into all of the little crevices and pores of the surface that we are cleaning so that it can remove all signs of residue.

Our team uses a sodium hypochlorite and high alkaline detergent mix for our house washing services. That detergent mix is injected through our pressure washing machines and reaches into all of those crevices on your home’s exterior services. Our technicians will then rinse down all surfaces thoroughly to ensure that all dirt, debris, mildew, and mold is removed from all of your exterior services. This will help bring back the shine to your home, and kill all those nasty contaminants like mold and mildew that can eat away at your exterior surface.

Concrete Washing:

The next exterior surface you might be looking at is your driveway, sidewalks, or patios. These surfaces require high-pressure rather than low-pressure like your house washing service. Our team can utilize hot or cold pressure cleaning methods for your concrete washing needs. This is going to allow a deeper clean for your concrete surface, for a cleaner and longer lasting result.

Window Ninjas use a sodium hypochlorite solution that is injected through our high pressure washing machines. The solution is going to penetrate deep into the concrete to remove all mildew, dirt, pollen, and other debris. This may even help with some stains on your driveway or sidewalks, But that is going to depend on the state and how long the stain has been present. our team would be more than happy to try every method we can to help remove any stains from your concrete surfaces.

Deck Washing:

One of the most popular pressure washing services that our team provides is deck washing services. when you notice your wood surface. Whether that is a deck, fence, or even old wooden furniture. When you notice that your wood surface is starting to look dull, turn gray, or could even be covered in mold and mildew, that’s a sign that you need a Pressure Washing Service right away.

First our technicians will clean the surface with a peroxide based product. This initial clean is going to pull all of the dirt, mildew, and mold spores from the porous surfaces of the wood. This will bring all of that debris to the top of the surface, so that our next step can help remove all of that debris. Our technicians use a potassium based soap to help get rid of the signs of mold and mildew on your wood surface. This potassium based soap is not harmful to the wood or any nearby vegetation. This step is going to bring back the wood’s shine and rid the wood of those nasty contaminants like mold and mildew.

Then our technicians will use a low-pressure rinse to remove all of the debris and any residual cleaning solution. Our technicians will apply oxalic acid to brighten the wood and restore it to a natural pH, as well as neutralize the peroxide based cleaner. The results will astound you!

Roof Washing:

Just like every other exterior surface on your home, your roof needs pressure washing services to rid itself of nasty contaminants. A low-pressure chemical wash on the roof will help remove any mold, mildew, dirt, fungus, and vegetation that has started to accumulate on your roof shingles.

Our team uses a concentrated sodium hypochlorite solution for your roof washing service. This solution will be applied to your roof, and will be low-pressure washed off. In fact, the amount of low-pressure that we use is the same amount of pressure that is used to wash your car at the carwash! Just like with the vinyl siding, and wood surfaces of your home, mold and mildew can eat away at your roof shingles which is going to create an onslaught of issues. That is why we recommend having your roof washing service completed once every 1 to 3 years.

Final Thoughts:

When your home needs pressure washing services to bring back its dreamy qualities, call Window Ninjas! Our team can help restore the shine to all of your exterior surfaces. Just give us a call today at 833-NINJAS-1 to book your appointment! Or check out our website that lists all of our other services to really bring the WOW factor back to your home at windowninjas.com.