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A dirty exterior it’s like dirty dishes hanging out in your Kitchen sink! You see is something lackluster and it also alerts you to the need of a professional pressure washing Wilmington service. Keep your home looking its best by calling upon the staff at Window Ninjas to help you with all of your exterior cleaning needs. We can help you restore that dirty exterior of yours back to have a brand new appearance! This is because we offer the best pressure washing services your hard-earned money can buy. Our simple and effective approach to cleaning and maintaining residential and Commercial properties is definitely something that will benefit you today! Give us a call and allow us the opportunity to make you properly shine! We can be reached directly at 910-538-4223. You can also request our services online when you visit us on our website at

If you are wondering how on Earth you were going to fix that dirty and disheveled looking home of yours, we have the perfect solution for you! We are a highly rated and very well reviewed Pressure Washing Wilmington Service Company who is dedicated to providing amazing services. We can offer up Solutions and services that will definitely make your property shine and keep it looking amazing.

Having amazing curb appeal can definitely benefit you and your property. When your neighbors walk by your home, do they notice something that makes them say wow? Or are they saying yuck! If it is the latter, you can definitely depend on our team to  help make your property Turn Around from dirty and drive to wonderful and wow! This is because we can provide you the best pressure washing services that your hard-earned money can buy. Our systematic approach to cleaning and maintenance will definitely benefit the property that you own. We can increase your property’s curb appeal and we can definitely increase your property value when you call on us.

Cleaning away dirt and grime is something that we specialize in can provide for you. Our systematic and comprehensive approach to cleaning and maintaining residential and Commercial properties is definitely something worth watching. It is also something worth experiencing! We offer a low pressure house washing service that is our most popular option when it comes to having customers want their properties cleaned. This is a low pressure option that will definitely utilize chemicals and kill any mold and mildew as well as algae that is starting to form on your siding. mold and mildew typically grows and thrives in this warm and moist environment, and it is undoubtedly going to end up on your siding. With our pressure washing Wilmington Services, we can wash it away and it will instantaneously brighten up the exterior of your siding.

Find out why we are the highest rated and most reviewed pressure washing company and all of Wilmington. Just give us a call today and let our team discuss with you the needs of your property and how we can benefit. We can be reached directly at 910-538-4223 when you are ready to take your property to the next level of cleanliness.

Not all exterior surfaces are created equally. Some residential homes and Commercial properties have vinyl siding. Others will have true lap siding wood Or cedar shingles. These are three different types of materials that can make up the exterior siding of one’s property. However, the expert said Window Ninjas definitely know a thing or two about providing pressure washing Wilmington services. So you can definitely depend on us to be able to clean the surfaces properly.

Because we have been in the pressure washing industry for almost 30 years, we definitely understand the importance of following manufacturer guidelines when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Not only does it provide a proper solution for cleaning oh, but it also provides our clients the services that they desire. Cleaning a residential or commercial property by following manufacturer guidelines will provide a better result and it will also provide the proper service needed in order to keep your property in Tip-Top shape.

We always recommend that you have your home or commercial property washed at a minimum of once a year. This is typically for all of your siding in your windows in your soffits. Basically giving your home a  good old-fashioned bath! That is typically what we like to call it, when we come out and provide a low pressure washing Wilmington service for your exterior. However, services such as Concrete and brick require a different type of Pressure Washing Service and we are always happy to help with those as well.

High Pressure washing is definitely different from low pressure washing.  It is important for the company that you hire to know the difference if you really want your property taken care of properly. Our expert Team over here at the Window Ninjas definitely knows the difference between both. This is because we have been trained by the power washers of North America organization and they have definitely helped us realize the proper ways to clean residential and Commercial properties. This is how we have become the highest rated and most reviewed pressure washing company in all of Wilmington. And it is also why our customers love us and like to Rave about our service!

Now that you know who to call upon, time is here for you to make a call to action. Let us help you with your exterior cleaning needs by providing you the pressure washing Wilmington service that you require. We offer a safe and effective solution to cleaning both residential and Commercial properties. We can restore your properties curb appeal and brighten up your day as well! Give us a call today and schedule your appointment with our team. You can reach us directly at 910-538-4223. You can also request our services online at