Pressure Washing Wilmington

Pressure Washing Wilmington | Your Home Wants To Sparkle And Shine!

This content was written by Window Ninjas Window & Pressure Cleaning. 

Make a decision you are proud of this year by delegating the tasks you don’t like to do so you can spend your time on tasks you do enjoy! Let Window Ninjas help by providing you with the best pressure washing Wilmington can offer. We will make your home shine and sparkle like never before, and get the job done quicker than you have ever seen. All you have to do is call 910-538-4223 or visit to schedule an appointment with our team today!

Ladies, we know it can be nerve racking watching your man get out the pressure washer. You wonder what they are going to ruin? How long until they get frustrated and start throwing things? What will they half clean and never go back and finish? Or, you might get stressed when they choose to go out with the guys to golf instead of doing any work at the house. Do what you do best and get those tasks completed for them! Call the experts at Window Ninjas for the best pressure washing Wilmington can offer you, and let your home sparkle and shine!

Will he get upset that you spent the money to have your home taken care of? Honestly, he will probably be happy you did it! No more nagging him about getting it done, he doesn’t have to lift a finger, and it will give him more time to go out with the guys. You will love how quickly our team comes in and gets the job done. Instead of it being a weekend long project (if not more), it’ll take just a few hours to get everything from your house, to the driveway and sidewalks, even the patio, deck, and fence completed! Knowing your home is in wonderful hands will make you feel at ease, and you’ll be able to go enjoy your own time with your girlfriends instead of spending time checking if everything was in fact completed. 

With nearly 30 years of experience, Window Ninjas will provide you with the best pressure washing Wilmington can provide. Not only that, we can clean your windows, tackle the gutter cleaning, sweep your chimney, and make sure your dryer vent is as clean as possible. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought to call Window Ninjas before! 

Our friendly customer service team makes scheduling a breeze. All you have to do is call our office, or fill out a service request form online, discuss what you are looking to have completed at your home, and let us do the rest. Let us know what all we can help you with so we can optimize your time and get the most done for you as well. We know you will be pleased with the results that you receive from our experienced team of technicians. 

You never have to worry when it comes to working with Window Ninjas! We are a fully bonded and insured company, including workers compensation. Which means if anything were to happen while our team was at your property, we have it covered! There’s no need to worry about you being liable – we believe in protecting our employees and our clients! We will also arrive on site in fully logoed company vehicles and dressed in Window Ninja uniform – including a smile on our faces – for each and every job. You can also take pride in knowing that the company you hire (that’s Window Ninjas!) is donating $1 from every invoice we receive to give back to the environment. We donate $1 from every invoice to a charity called which supplies clean and safe water to third world countries that otherwise would not have easily accessible water sources. 

For the best pressure washing Wilmington can offer, you definitely want to call Window Ninjas today! It will be the best decision you make all summer, and will make your house the best looking on the block. Your siding will look brand new, your windows will sparkle, the driveway will look like it was redone, and your fence and deck will look like it was just built. Everyone will think you forked out a ton of money in home renovations during the pandemic when everyone was struggling. But you will be able to tell them that you thought smarter instead of working harder and had Window Ninjas come out and provide you with the best pressure washing Wilmington has ever seen! They won’t be able to resist giving us a call too. And that’s okay, no need to be selfish and keep us a secret. Word of mouth referrals is the best form of advertisement! We want all of Wilmington to know that we provided you with the best customer service and best results you have ever seen. So please tell everyone you know about the excellent work we did for you! Plus, when your neighbors call us to make their home sparkle and shine like yours, it not only increases their property value and curb appeal, but yours as well! Because when an entire neighborhood looks better, it benefits everyone! 

Are you ready to get the best pressure washing Wilmington has ever been able to provide? Then it’s time to call Window Ninjas and schedule your appointment today! And, remember, don’t just stop at pressure washing, book all of our services so your house can look better than new! When your friends and family ask how they can get their service done too, tell them to call 910-538-4223 or visit! Even your friends and family out of state will be happy to know we are likely able to help them too! While we are local to Wilmington, we also service South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia! Visit our website or call us today so we can service you, and help with all of your needs, and even let you know if we are able to help your out of state friends and family!