Let’s talk about the importance of removing lint inside your dryer vent. The pros at Window Ninjas in Southport are your locally owned and operated team to help you eliminate your lint woes. Lint can become a massive problem if you let it go for long periods without removing it. It can slow down the time it takes for your dryer to get your clothing done and cause your energy bill to go up. Moreover, cleaning the lint can prevent a dryer vent fire, which is the biggest threat. Our team recommends that you have a dryer vent cleaning service done each year to get the most out of your dryer and to prevent any unwanted hazards from occurring.

The pros of dryer vent cleaning in Southport are highly sought after. Our reputation is well known, and our work is second to none. If you are looking for a company that does an excellent job and can give you information that will benefit you, look no further. At Window Ninjas, all of our employees are highly qualified and expertly trained.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

You can solve your dryer vent problems with cost-effective and minor dryer vent cleaning. Cleaning a dryer vent out only takes about 45 minutes to one hour. The procedure only requires moving the dryer away from the wall and unplugging it. Then, set up a vacuum outside the home where the vent exhausts out, and then a flexible rod with a round brush is pushed down into the dryer vent to remove the lint. Our team uses a drill attached to the rod to create a rotating action to spin the brush head as it goes down into the vent. This way, it can sweep away more of the stuck-on lint.

As hot air and moisture escape from the clothing, while the dryer runs, the lint will clump inside the vent due to water droplets forming. When the dryer is off, and the moisture dries, the lint hardens and sticks to the walls of the duct. Over time, this constricts the vent diameter due to the build-up of lint. The hot air and fumes that need to escape to the outside of the house have a hard time getting outside and may start to back up into the home. If this happens, you could have a problem with carbon monoxide, an odorless gas.

Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Having the pros provide a dryer vent cleaning service for your vent can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. It can also prevent the lint from igniting due to the high temperatures inside your dryer vent and causing a dryer vent fire. The longer you let the lint sit inside the duct, the more potential for something to go wrong. It is better to err on the side of caution.

Dryer vent cleaning Southport can help improve your dryer’s energy efficiency and help ensure that your dryer’s lifespan stays up to par. If you have to run your dryer longer to get your clothing dry, then more than likely, your energy bill is going up. This, in turn, will cause your dryer to wear out faster than expected. The extra heat output placed on the internal parts of your dryer will also wreak havoc on the electrical components. You may also need to summon a maintenance specialist or have to replace your dryer sooner than later. The dryer cost is high, so it is a far better choice to have a dryer vent service done instead.

Dryer vent cleaning in Southport can also help you reduce the amount of allergens inside your home. Lint is a magnet for dust and other dirty substances that can create allergic reactions for you at home. Remember to clean lint inside your laundry room like regular dusting to avoid it getting inside the dryer vent. It is like a sneaky pest that won’t go away.


Dryer vent cleaning can be a lifesaver and helps to improve the drying time of your clothing. Don’t take the risk, prevent a dryer vent fire today. This will save you money in the long run. A dryer vent cleaning service takes little time and can have great results. Don’t throw in the towel just yet on your current dryer. Get a simple dryer vent cleaning service and see how much it can improve your machine. Seeing is believing! More than likely, lint is the cause of most of the issues that you are having.

We here at Window Ninjas are happy to help you when you’re ready. With our three decades of experience and many satisfied customers, we have the knowledge and expertise to thoroughly clean dryer vents and we look forward to hearing from you. You can reach us by calling 910-538-4223 or our website at windowninjas.com. We know that you will love working with us, and we look forward to hearing from you.