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If you’ve been considering a power washing service, we know many questions and concerns May arise. However, you can stop worrying because that’s why we wrote this Virginia Beach power washing services article. We want you to be informed and educated. We also want you to relax and allow us to address your concerns. By the end of this article you will likely have a better understanding of answers to the questions concerning power washing services that have been on your mind. you can also reach us at 757-425-1224 or on our wonderful website at!

A Virginia Beach power washing service provides a thorough and deep cleaning that is a lot more necessary than you might think. A good washing can prevent damage to your home or business and even help keep your family or employees safe and healthy. While removing all of the debris from your home it is also removing bacteria and other harmful substances as well.

What Are The Benefits of a Virginia Beach Power Washing Service?

Power washing services come with many benefits including the fact that it prevents damages to removed bacterial breeding grounds, boost your curb appeal and increases the value of your home.

 It prevents damages by removing the dirt moss and overall Grime from your home ensuring that no corrosion occurs. The grime can eat through the surface coatings on your home and damage the materials underneath. Once this has occurred everything is exposed to Nature and moisture including the inside of your walls.

 Many substances such as bacteria, fungus and other harmful organic materials will begin to hide in the crevices that every home has. they can cause you and your family to become sick if they are not pressure washed out immediately so please ensure that you get your regular Power Washing Service done.

 a Virginia Beach Power Washing Service will boost your curb appeal and increase the value of your home considerably. it will have a very dramatic effect on the look of your home and attract any possible buyers by making them believe that your home is top dollar. Not only will your home look brand new but it will also allow you to do renovations as well as it is the perfect way to get started on them! 

What Should You Expect for Each Service We Provide?

For our Classic Building or house washing we recommend having it done at least once a year but we can come out more often depending on your personal needs. We use a low pressure chemical washing of a building or structure called Soft washing to remove all mold or mildew from porous and nonporous surfaces of the building. We use a sodium hypochlorite in a high alkaline detergent mixture injected through our machines and I went to the Building Services. We then rinse all surfaces thoroughly to remove all dirt debris and mildew and mold spores from the exterior of your home or business. This restores the exterior of the building to a new appearance.

 We also have a roof Virginia Beach Power Washing Service in which we use a low pressure chemical washing up the roof to remove any mold, mildew dirt and fungus that may have accumulated on the asphalt shingles. We use a low pressure chemical method that is safe and effective. We use a concentrated sodium hypochlorite solution applied to the services and then lightly pressure washed off. The amount of pressure used is about as much as if you were to take your car to a car wash.

 We also have a concrete pressure cleaning Service that we recommend is done every two years. In the service we use a high-pressure chemical washing of the concrete to restore the high-traffic foot areas to a new appearance. We utilize hot or cold washing methods and chemicals that penetrate the porous surfaces. This method of pressure cleaning cleans deep and allows your driveway to stay clean or longer. We use the sodium hypochlorite solution and inject it through our machines and onto the concrete services. The solution penetrates deep into the concrete and afterwards the services are rented thoroughly with a high pressure rinse to remove all mildew, Dirt and debris. Some stains might still remain.

 We also have a low pressure cleaning of pressure treated wood service in which we recommend is done every two years as well. We hear it when ninjas utilize a two step washing process to clean indexes and what services. First we clean the surfaces of the peroxide based product which then pulls all dirt debris and mildew and mold spores from the porous surfaces of the wood up to the surface. A potassium-based soap is then added to the mix and the combination of these two products create the washing agent that cleans the woods early and is not harmful to any vegetation. We  then use a high-volume low-pressure flat surface wrench to remove all debris and residual washing solution. This washing solution is a safe and efficient economical deck cleaner that produces new results. After a thorough washing of the wood deck or a wooden surface our team then apply the oxalic acid to brighten the wood and to bond with it on a molecular level. This restores the wood to a natural pH and neutralizes the peroxide based cleaner that we use! So give us a call for all your Virginia Beach Power Washing Service needs! 

Final Thoughts:

Having a Virginia Beach Power Washing Service will ensure that your home is looking brand new and ready for any potential buyers or guests. It is very important to ensure that your home is pressure washed at least once a year as it prevents damages from occurring to it. If you are ready to schedule a service you can always reach out to us at 757-425-1224 or you can visit our wonderful website at  to do some more research and gather more information on everything power washing. we cannot wait to service you and leave you smiling and your home shining!