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As we near the end of pollen season, many people are scheduling window cleaning services with local businesses. Window Cleaning Brentwood is crucial to rid your home of nasty, caked on pollen. Dirty windows look bad, but they can also negatively impact your health and well-being. This is why we recommend you schedule an appointment with us. Call us today at 615-9886699, or go online at

Will you save money by having a professional clean your windows?

Window Cleaning Brentwood truly is a job for professionals. Up front, it may cost more to have your windows professionally cleaned. But if you are doing the job yourself, you are bound to end up spending far more money. Window cleaning is a risky and dangerous job. It’s very important to do it properly as if you don’t, you could permanently damage your windows. Using a store bought window cleaner will damage your windows more than clean them. Consumer market cleaners have dyes and fragrances in them that are harmful to the long-term wear of your windows. These dyes and perfumes will cause a layer of film to coat your window. Even surely, this film cannot be cleaned off anymore. You would end up having to purchase all new windows for your home because you didn’t want to pay a professional to clean them. Here at Window Ninjas, our window cleaner is free of dyes and fragrances, and it is 100% safe for your windows.

Having a professional clean your window is also important due to safety concerns. In order to clean higher up windows, you have to use a ladder to reach them. A ladder in and of itself is dangerous, but the ladder can also damage your home. A ladder when leaned on your house improperly, can damage the exterior siding of your home, your roof, and your windows if it is leaned up against any of them. You go out and put up your ladder thinking you will be cleaning your windows today, and you end up with a broken window that you now have to replace. Or you end up with a hole in your roof and now it is leaking and you have to replace it. Ladders are also dangerous due to the risk of falling and injury. You’re minding your own business cleaning your windows when a gust of wind comes through and wobbles the ladder. You try to catch yourself and grab the wall but it is too late. The ladder falls, and you go with it, winding up with a broken leg. Now, instead of spending a little bit of money on having your windows professionally cleaned, you’re spending a lot of money having your broken leg fixed in the emergency room. The last thing you want is to replace expensive house parts or be stuck in a cast for weeks. So what are you waiting for? Let Window Ninjas save you from all of this trouble.

Why should you get your windows cleaned?

There are many important benefits to a regular window cleaning service. Window Cleaning Brentwood will do more than just make your windows shine. People are a little bit like plants. We need sunlight to survive and thrive. This is why having windows on your home is a common thing in architecture. A clean window will let the most light possible into your home. sunlight has been proven to reduce stress, improve mood, and benefit your physical health as well. Being deficient in sunlight can take a toll on the body and mind. With crystal clear windows you will notice an improvement in both your physical and mental well-being. Clean windows can also save you money on your power bill. If your windows are clean and letting in ample sunlight, you will have to run less lighting fixtures during the daylight. This will leave some extra money in your pocket each month, while also benefiting your health.

Windows that are dirty can contain mold, bacteria, and bad germs. It is important to regularly clean your windows so that you and your family do not get sick from the grime that coats them. It is a very easy thing to touch a window and forget about it. Then, a few minutes later, you touch your face, your eye, or your mouth. At this point you will have transferred whatever germs were on the window to your body. You can become ill when you do not care for your windows.

How is window cleaning done?

When Window Cleaning Brentwood, there are two ways that the job is done. The first way is for high up and hard to reach windows. Our technicians will use a deionized water fed pole to reach those high up windows. The windows are scrubbed and soaked down with the water fed pole and a brush. This process cleans not only the windows, but also the frames, sills, and mullions. The process is finished with a deionized water rinse to remove suds and leftover residue. Our technicians then let the windows air dry as they are too high up to squeegee safely. This process works because of a four filter the deionization system that we have in place. This system has one osmosis membrane filter, one deionization filter, and two carbon filters. It can clean water 0 to 15 parts per million. This process is the most up-to-date and helpful way to clean tall windows.

The second way that we clean windows is used for any standard windows. If we can reach the windows by hand, they will be cleaned by hand. Your windows and sills will be soaked down by hand using a lambswool sponge and then squeegeed dry. The technicians then use microfiber cloths to remove excess water and wipe away any gunk on the sills. Lastly, a huck towel is used to detail your windows and remove any remaining water droplets. This leaves your windows dry, shiny, and clean! Window Cleaning Brentwood is always best when done by Window Ninjas as you will not catch a missed spot.

Stop pushing off Window Cleaning Brentwood. Pollen season is almost at its end, and Window Ninjas wants to take care of your dirty work. At an average of $10 to $19 per window, there is no reason to stress about price. We want to make your home shine. So give us a call today at 615-988-6699. Visit us online and see our other services at, you will be WOWed at how much we care!