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The consequences of messing up a DIY window cleaning job are detrimental. This is why Window Cleaning Cary is always recommended to be done by a skilled technician. Here at Window Ninjas, we have over 30 years of experience cleaning all kinds of windows. Our technicians are trained by very experienced professionals, and all of our technicians have very detailed oriented work ethics. This guarantees a perfect job every time. To schedule a window cleaning appointment with us, you can call us at 919-867-6276. You can also put in a service request online at

What is window cleaning?

Window Cleaning Cary is the process of cleaning windows in order to protect the lifespan of them. There are two different methods for window cleaning. Which method is used depends on the type of window and the location of the window. The standard window cleaning service is the most common. This service is typically used on one story businesses and residential homes. The first step to a standard window clean is soaping down the windows by hand. The technicians will use a lamb’s wool brush to scrub the windows with soap and remove any dirt or debris. The second step is to squeegee the windows dry. Following the squeegee step, a microfiber cloth is then used in order to remove excess water and clean the window sills. The last step is detailing. A huck towel is used in the detailing process to buff out the window and get any remaining water spots off. This will leave your windows shiny and clear.

The second window cleaning process is used for windows that are hard to reach or very high up. This process uses a deionized water fed pole to reach the windows. Windows are first soaped down with the water fed pole and scrubbed with a brush. Next, the windows are rinsed with deionized water to ensure any soap residue or grime is completely removed. Windows cleaned by the deionized water fed pole are left to air dry due to the danger of falling while trying to dry them by hand. When Window Cleaning Cary, no matter which process is used, our cleaning agent is special because it leaves an invisible shield on your windows. This invisible shield protects the glass from oily fingerprints, pollen, mold, and dirt. With the shield on your windows, they should stay clean for longer periods of time, and the stains will have a much harder time sticking.

How can you schedule your service?

The scheduling process for Window Cleaning Cary is incredibly simple. You have one of two options. Option one is to give us a call. One of our call center employees will answer the phone and walk you through the process of scheduling your appointment. They will ask about your credit card information, and what type of services you are looking for. They will then ask if weekends or weekdays are better for the service to be completed, and get you on the books. Option two is to put in a service request online. Our website will ask you just a few questions about what you are looking to have completed as well as some personal information. One of our call center employees will then give you a call in order to collect more information and get your service in the books. You will receive an appointment confirmation email the day you book. Two days before your service is scheduled, you will receive a reminder email. The day before your service is scheduled, you will receive a reminder phone call. And the day after your service is completed you will receive a thank you call where you will be asked how the technicians did and if you are satisfied, as well as if the accounting team can run your credit card for the service. The pricing for window cleaning is very simple. Most standard windows are double hung flat glass. For an inside and outside clean, these windows are $12 a piece. For an outside only clean, these windows are $9 a piece. You have two options when it comes to price gauging. We can either get some information from you and give you a ballpark estimate, or we can send our area manager out to give you a definitive quote on the pricing. Window Cleaning Carrie will keep your windows clean and your pockets happy.

Why is cleaning your own windows a risk?

Cleaning your own windows can be very tempting, but it is also very risky. One time, I was given the chore of cleaning the windows outside of my house. I took a towel and a bottle of store-bought window cleaner and headed outside. About halfway through cleaning the first window, I accidentally dropped the towel into the ground. I picked the towel up and continued cleaning the window. Shortly after, I realized that there was a rock caught on the fabric of the towel. But it was too late. This rock had scratched up the window that I was trying to clean. Instead of a quick and easy cleaning job, my parents ended up having to replace the entire window. This cost them about $1,000 and I was in big trouble. This is just one of many things that can go wrong if you clean your windows by yourself.

Window Cleaning Cary should be left up to the professionals. Hard to reach windows require a ladder to clean. Standard ladders when leaned against a house, can damage the roof, siding, and even the windows themselves. This is a very risky job to do without experience. You also run the risk of falling off of the ladder and getting a concussion, broken arm, or sprained ankle, among other things. Many people fall off ladders every year and end up in the hospital with a major bill. This is why house maintenance work is typically recommended to be done by trained and experienced professionals. So if your options are to pay a little bit of money to have your windows professionally cleaned by our technicians, or clean them yourself but end up injured or stuck replacing your windows, the choice is clear. Window Ninjas are always the way to go.

Is saving a few bucks really worth the risk of losing hundreds of dollars? We think not. Window Cleaning Cary is here to clean your windows at an affordable rate. Our technicians love dirty work and we love booking services. So give us a call today at 919-867-6276 to speak to a call center representative. Our call center staff are eagerly awaiting your phone call, but if you cannot make it to the phone right now, you can find us online at and schedule a service that way. We are excited to make those windows shine!