When To Have Your Windows Cleaned

This article was written for Window Ninjas Window And Pressure Cleaning.

Are your windows looking streaky or foggy? Window Cleaning Durham services can lend a helping hand. Who doesn’t love having beautiful windows to watch the sunset out of? Window light is a great alternative to electric lighting during the day and it saves you money on your electric bill. In this article I hope to inform you of the benefits of having your windows professionally cleaned. If you would like to go ahead and book a service with us we can be reached at windowninjas.com or by phone at 919-867-6276.

Benefits Of Having Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

Window Cleaning Durham services are much more thorough than window and a paper towel. Having your windows professionally cleaned saves you time and money. Cleaning the outside of your windows means lugging around a ladder and the materials needed. Our service uses a window cleaning that leaves an invisible shield to repel bugs, dirt and grime from building up. We can even clean the inside of your home’s windows with this to make sure the results are equal inside and out.

Having a Window Cleaning Durham service can improve the life of your windows. When substances build up on your windows they weaken the glass leaving the slightest impact of debris able to crack or shatter the glass. Our results are guaranteed to leave you with beautiful windows. Window light is a great alternative to lamps or other forms of lighting during the day. Natural light can even improve your mood. When build up occurs on your windows it makes it harder to let the natural light in. I’m currently using natural light in my home right now and it’s beautiful.

What Do We Use To Ensure Streak Free Shine?

We here at Window Cleaning Durham services use a deionized water fed pole for the outside of your home. This pole has a four filter demonization system. This consists of one osmosis membrane filter, two carbon filters and one deionization filter. We inject our environmentally safe agent through this deionization water fed pole. We scrub the windows after soaping them with this pole. This service cleans the windows, frames, window sills and mullions. We then rinse with deionized water.

For our indoor and standard service we soap it down by hand and use a lambswool tool to begin with. We then use a squeegee to dry the windows. This is a hands and elbow grease method we believe you shouldn’t have to do yourself. We have the tools to ensure a streak free clean with our invisible agent to fight off any buildup after we have finished. We use a microfiber cloth to remove any excess water from the window fills. To detail the window we use a huck towel. This detailed process is what ensures our streak free shine.

How Often Should Your WIndows Be Cleaned?

We recommend having a Window Cleaning Durham service done once every three months to upkeep the life of your windows. Dust can accumulate like crazy and collect on glass surfaces very easily. If you live by the beach or near water then we recommend a service at least once a month. It all just depends on where you live because this will affect the anti static neutral pH formula that is left as the invisible shield. The environment around you affects the time in which this will work.

Having your windows cleaned quarterly will extend the life of your windows and the frames around them. When you have a Window Cleaning Durham service done you’re saving yourself time and effort. Regular winded just won’t give the same results. This is due to the dyes and perfumes used. When the sun hits these it draws them to the surface leaving a film on the windows. Our solution is free of these dyes and perfumes which is why it leaves a streak free shine. WIndex and other store bought solutions don’t leave behind the same invisible shield that our service does. This means you will have to clean them more often causing yourself a headache. All around having a professional service your windows will save you lots of time and effort.

Our Scheduling Process

The first step to booking a Window Cleaning Durham service starts with visiting our website or giving us a call. During this process you will talk to our sales team about the process of window cleaning. They will describe it step by step so you have a better understanding. They will help you find the best rate and date that works for you. Once your service is booked you will hear from our customer service representatives. This team will send an email two days before your service. Have no fear if for some reason you miss this email, they also send a reminder phone call with a voicemail if you happen to be away from the phone. This way you aren’t left by surprise when we show up.

Now it’s time for your service. The Window Cleaning Durham team will introduce themselves upon arrival. They will then walk the property to establish where to begin. After their service they walk the perimeter again to ensure that everything is streak free and clean. Our ninjas are thorough and take pride in their work. If you happen to be away from home then we will send a nice before and after set of pictures. This way you can still see the results of our service from beginning to end.

I think we can both agree that on our days off we would rather spend them unwinding rather than catching up on household chores. Booking a WIndow Cleaning Durham service can help you achieve this goal. I hope you have a clear understanding of the importance of having your windows professionally cleaned. I also hope that you feel confident booking a window cleaning service with us today. We can be reached at windowninjas.com or by phone at 919- 867-6276.