Window Cleaning Glen Allen | The Importance and History of Window Cleaning

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What’s something that everyone judges on businesses but neglects on their own home? The windows and window cleaning Glen Allen services! Neglecting to get your windows clean will result in dirty grimy windows that are hard to see out of. The dust, dirt and grime will accumulate for weeks until it becomes grimy and unsightly. There are so many reasons why you should get your windows cleaned professionally but the number one reason is so you’re able to see the beautiful views out of them. There are many benefits to getting your windows cleaned professionally, however the biggest benefit is the fact that you get better results with no hard work. There’s no reason to do a lot of hard work for less than perfect results with Windex or another window cleaner and that’s exactly what you’ll get. We will ensure that your results in our cleaning solution are better than any other on the market. don’t do all that hard work just have perfect windows instead give a window and just call today at 804-256-3221 or visit our wonderful website at for all your window cleaning needs!

Getting a professional window cleaning Glen Allen service will also extend the life of your windows considerably. Proper maintenance will make them last longer and look better throughout their life which is something that everyone wants for the windows on their home! it will even enhance your interior environment as well as allow for more natural sunlight and lower your energy costs. your air quality will be considerably better when you have your windows cleaned as well! Our window cleaning solution also has an invisible shield that has anti-static properties that will keep dirt dust, Grime and other particulates from your windows. This means that they will require less cleaning and look better for longer throughout their lifetime.

And when we say that our window cleaning solution is the best of the best we really mean it! The reason that store bought Window Cleaning Solutions often end up being so streaky and bad for your windows is because of the ingredients inside of them. Some ingredients like the dyes and the perfumes are pulled to the sun like a plant in front of a window. So if you have a small sunflower sitting in front of your window it will begin to lean towards the window and towards the Sun over time. The inert ingredients in these window cleaners will do the same exact thing on your glass which is what leaves behind that foggy and streaky look. Window Ninjas’ window cleaning solution is way better than any of those and does not have all of those inert ingredients which allows for the perfect spot for you to dry while repelling any dirt dust or pollen like I was talking about before. This is why when we say that our window cleaning solution and Window Cleaning Glen Allen services are the best of the best we really mean it! because they really are when it comes down to the science of it!

The first Windows date back to the second millennium BC in ancient Egypt or Mesopotamia. they were cleaned with buckets of water in a cloth and we’re not cleaned very often. It wasn’t until the construction boom started in 1860 that the need for window cleaners became prevalent. Later in the early 1900s the Chicago squeegee was invented and it looked nothing like the squeegee that we know and love today. It was bulky and heavy and had 12 screws standing between you and changing those two pink blades. Originally based off of a tool that fishermen used to scrape fish guts off of their boat decks, this Ouija became very popular and ended up becoming the base for all squeegees that we now use. In 1963 an Italian immigrant named Ettore Steccone Designed and patented the modern design. It was named the Ettore, and funnily enough Ettore Products Co. is still around today, as a leading provider of the modern squeegee! The deionized water fin pool Window Cleaning Service then came out in the 1990s using deionized water to rinse away all the dirt dust and crime from your windows. Now we have window cleaning Glen Allen services from Window Ninjas

When it comes to Window Ninjas we have a lot of experience under our belts, especially our CEO. Gabe Salinas started cleaning windows over 25 years ago and has gained tons of knowledge and experience over these years. This knowledge and experience is what we use to train our new employees, through a rigorous training program! This knowledge and experience runs through the veins of our company, however he and everyone else here are all learning new things about the industry everyday!

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Now that you know more about the importance of window cleaning, window cleaning history, and Window Ninjas, we hope that you choose us to be your one trusted company for all of your needs. I cannot wait to service you and leave your home shining in a way that you have never seen before. you can reach us at 804-256-3221 or on our wonderful website at for all your window cleaning Glen Allen needs!